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UX & UI Design

We aim to create environments on the web where you, the user, are the priority.

Using poorly designed online services is annoying. There’s no sugar coating it.

We strive to make the internet a nicer place to be. Our approach to this starts by first understanding user needs and then designing optimal user flows and intuitive interfaces for online services.

Our team based in the heart of Helsinki is specialised in User Experience Design (UX) and User Interface Design (UI) for Websites, Online Stores and Web Applications.

Research & Workshop
At the core of our work is understanding how businesses work and how people behave in digital environments.

We rely on thoroughly tested design methods and co-create intensively together with our clients and end users.
Concept & Prototype
Our process is quick and iterative by nature. We draft wireframes, visual UI concepts and interactive prototypes.

We love building smart UI libraries, design systems and comprehensive documentation.
Test & Improve
We always encourage validating and testing our concepts with real people.

User testing yields valuable feedback and results that can be used to optimise your online service.

Delivering quality through documentation

Design consistency is the greatest challenge most software teams face, according to UXPin.

We put emphasis on making sure the visual identity of a brand is kept cohesive and unified whilst ensuring developer-friendliness by building smart UI libraries and comprehensive code documentation (design systems).

Investing in UX is good for business

We spend 6,3 hours a day on average on our phones, laptop or other smart devices. Seems to us that investing on user experience is not a bad idea at all.

We believe that user experience is becoming increasingly more important as a competitive advantage to organisations operating in the digital environment and can be directly linked to customer experience.

Studies show that companies who invest in design clearly outperform their competitors – why shouldn’t you?

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Modernising and making software products in the construction industry easier to use.
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Renewal of a website carried over into a continuous modernisation of a web application.
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