The Finnish Institute of Technology (FITech) was founded in 2017 by seven Finnish universities of technology, Technology Industries of Finland (Teknologiateollisuus) and the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK. The founding mission of FITech is to contribute to the development of Finnish innovation capacity and to respond to competence demands arising in the field of engineering.

In short, the FITech network combines and offers selected engineering studies from all technical universities in Finland through one platform.

FITech’s website renewal became topical as the network had grown rapidly, both in terms of participating universities and the types of studies offered. Site structure had become too complex, and the site was not converting visitors into applicants efficiently. Together with FITech’s experts we started by designing user personas, user flows and intuitive ways to categorise and present studies so that it would be as easy as possible to find suitable courses.

The site is utilising WordPress as its publishing platform, which enables the use of flexible and easy to modify structures and templates. FITech’s marketing & communications team is able to autonomously manage e.g. page sections, site structure and edit content freely. At the heart of the site is a JavaScript-based (React) search and filtering function which caters to existing and potential students looking to expand their knowledge in the technology field.

The site is continuously being tested, gathered feedback on, and iteratively developed to cater for students’ needs nationwide.

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