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Web Applications

We help you design and develop your ideas into concrete digital services.

It’s advisable to update outdated software every now and then, and to build some new ones if you want to come out on top in this digitalisation game.

We build intuitive Web Applications for forward-thinking businesses, government and organisations here in the heart of Helsinki.

Our team is pretty damn skilled in taking open source technologies and modern JavaScript frameworks such as React and building robust online services that scale flexibly and are easy to keep improving.

Our digitally native UI designers turn concepts and ideas into actionable user journeys, wireframes, user interfaces and interactive prototypes.

We build UI libraries and design systems which developers adore.
We build web-based software utilising modern tools and technologies, such as JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular.

We focus on crucial functionalities first so our clients can get a working product out as quickly as possible. We believe in delivering fast and often.
Software is never 100% ready nor perfect, and we’re strong believers in testing, iteration, optimisation and improving applications systematically.

As your business grows, the software enabling it must scale effortlessly alongside with it.

JavaScript based application development

Application development at Pixels is conducted in a lean working manner and with modern tools; most of our web applications are built with JavaScript – mostly React.

React is a JavaScript library created by Facebook, which is nowadays used to create almost anything. And for a reason; React can be used to create even the most challenging of functionalities, it’s modular, open source and widely used.

We’re adept in creating applications also with Angular‘s latest versions, which is a TypeScript based library. To showcase some examples, check out the Ramirent and ONEiO applications.


JavaScript based library for UI / frontend development of web applications.
Due to extensive SEO and performance benefits, we prefer to use Next.js for web applications whenever possible. Server side rendering (SSR) allows Google's bots to index your content.
Node.js enables tools for frontend developers to build applications both in the browser and server side.
Google Firebase
Firebase utilises the Google Cloud platform to provide database and authentication infrastructure, suited perfectly for web and mobile application development.

Outsource your frontend / UI team

Many of our clients are software developers or represent software providers who lack the expertise or resources to modernise their product efficiently themselves.

Pixels can handle e.g. User Interface (UI) Design and front-end development as an extension to your team. We operate often in this role, between the client and their system provider, as a third party.

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Renewal of a website carried over into a continuous modernisation of a web application.
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Modernising and making software products in the construction industry easier to use.
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