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WordPress Websites

WordPress websites for organisations that want results and seek to stand out from the crowd.

Pixels is specialised in the design and development of custom-made WordPress websites for all kinds of organisations and industries. Our mission is to craft our clients websites which generate results and value. We achieve this by creating captivating visual designs, through exceptionally high quality technical implementation and continuous improvement.

Our digitally oriented designers will bring your website to life by understanding user behavior, drafting wireframes and visual UI layouts, and creating prototypes.

Service design methods allow us to challenge and test ideas together both with our clients and end users.
Developing beautiful and technically advanced WordPress websites is our bread and butter. Our talented developers are able to tackle big projects autonomously and built demanding functionalities and APIs between different systems.

We follow best industry standards and continuously craft new tools and plugins both for ourselves and the WordPress community to use.
A website project doesn't end at launch. We partner together with you to further improve and optimise the site to exceed our common goals. Our support & maintenance team will assist you on every business day of the year.

As a reliable partner, we take care of updates and maintain your site up to date together with the best hosting providers in the industry.

Expedite growth with a high-performing website

Professionally built, captivating and easy-to-use websites are essential competitive assets in the modern digital era. Websites that perform at a high level are built with clear goals in mind from day one, be it to generate more sales or double down on employer branding.

Skilful, intuitive design guarantees your site will function according to its objectives. We monitor its performance and ensure it can scale with your growing business.

In addition to technically advanced WordPress sites, we also build tailor made WooCommerce stores for all kinds of business needs.

Why Pixels?

Captivating visual design
Our skilled designers create distinctive and accessible online services.
Technical expertise
Best WordPress developers in Finland and active participation in improving the platform.
Vision and ability to challenge
Proactive touch and drive to see the best solutions are created. We aren't scared to challenge our clients.
Customer service and communication
We help solve problems and communicate clearly and regularly with our clients.

We make content management fun

Using your website should be effortless and simple both to your customers and you who need to maintain and manage it.

We think it’s important that you don’t need to spend time on tedious manual tasks and We create clear admin interfaces where things are flexible and editable, and strive for automating tasks when possible.

We craft page templates using modular, easily modifiable blocks so you can freely rearrange page sections and create new landing pages on the fly autonomously.


Professionally built, custom-made and extensive WordPress website projects tend to get priced between 15 000 – 40 000 Euros.

This includes both the design of site structure, visual look and technical implementation. Maintenance and continuous development costs are around a few hundred Euros on a monthly basis.

Proudly part of the WordPress community

We actively participate in the WordPress community both in Finland and internationally. We’ve volunteered, sponsored and held talks both in meetups and several WordCamps. Through active participation, we’re able to bring the best ideas and solutions also for your project.

Web expert blog Vierityspalkki has evaluated our WordPress knowhow worthy of four stars ★★★★.

We’ve publicly shared our starter theme for professional WordPress developers and the community to use.

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