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WooCommerce Online Stores

We craft custom-made online stores for ambitious brands and organisations.

We help businesses take their ecommerce to the next level by building WooCommerce stores with flexibility and customisability like no other. Our hand-crafted approach combines finding the optimal buyer experience with technical knowhow.

Combined with a professionally crafted WordPress website, your online store can utilise all of WordPress’ benefits; easy content management, scalability and rock-solid SEO.

When designing an online store, the key is in finding smart buyer journeys and creating an inspiring visual atmosphere.

We prototype and test designs together both with our clients and end users to find the best ways to create highly converting online stores.
We combine our vast experience of tailoring WooCommerce and complex integrations, and add in a bunch of advanced features and carefully selected plugins.

We’ll also create handy admin tools and processes for managing orders and products, with integrations or without.
We take care of hosting and keeping your WooCommerce online store up to date together with the best hosting providers in the industry.

To ensure a long life-cycle and growing sales figures for your store, together we’ll improve and optimise its performance. Our support & maintenance team will assist you on every business day of the year.

WooCommerce made to scale

WooCommerce powers 28% of all online stores in the world, and so it will probably suit your needs just fine. Even so, we like to think bigger.

We opt for technical solutions and plugins that ensure your store can grow with your business, even if you decide to expand to new markets or need more integrations.

The WooCommerce platform does not have any restrictions on how large your store can grow to become and it can easily scale to cover several language areas and currencies.

Customising for growth

WooCommerce includes all the basic functionality you need to run an online store, but if you’re looking to grow your e-commerce business exponentially, carefully planned customisations might go a long way.

We’ll enhance your store by enabling e.g. multiple language areas, regions and currencies, different user levels with unique pricing or perhaps by creating an integration to your favourite marketing automation software.

Depending on the needs of your store, we’ll help you determine which are the right tools and processes for optimising it and either handcraft customisations, creating our own plugins or by choosing a handful of third party plugins that do the job well.

Proudly part of the WordPress community

We actively participate in the WordPress community both in Finland and internationally. We’ve volunteered, sponsored and held talks both in meetups and several WordCamps.

Web expert blog Vierityspalkki has evaluated our WordPress knowhow worthy of four stars ★★★★.

Our starter theme and plugin, meant for professional WP developers, are openly shared for the community to use.

Ready to build a WooCommerce store?

Interested in hearing how we build successful WooCommerce stores?

Get in touch and we’ll show you exactly how we would craft your e-commerce site.

Tel: +358 40 544 8080 (Antero)
Email: hello@pixels.fi