iTapsa is Finland’s best-known smartphone and tablet repair service chain, which aims to make our phones long-lasting, whether it’s through phone maintenance, recycling or user guidance – for the sake of both people and the environment. In addition to their extensive e-commerce platform, iTapsa serves its customers all over Finland with the help of 20 stores.

As part of their brand renewal, iTapsa wanted to combine their separate business areas of selling serviced phones and maintenance services under one website, in order to make the online user experience more cohesive and centralise the development of their ecommerce platform.

After a design process led by marketing agency WDS, we stepped in to consult and shape the implementation to suit WooCommerce, enabling us to implement a number of features that streamline iTapsa’s operations and order processing processes, which in part ended up replacing their flawed ERP system.

The WooCommerce store is widely customized and expanded with various features which reach quite far from the standard setup. We calculated that there are currently about 6 React / Redux applications running on the frontend right now. New functionalities created for iTapsa’s needs include e.g.:

  • up-to-date stock information and use of multiple stock locations
  • sale of individual serviced phones by presenting them as phone model archetypes
  • purchase tool for buying a used phone
  • employee interface for viewing purchased phones
  • customized delivery and payment methods, depending on the contents of the cart; incl. two different checkouts
  • CSV importing of product data

The online service will be continuously developed and optimised. The goal is to be able to provide the most successful online customer experience possible, while at the same time creating features and functions that accelerate iTapsa’s operations for e-commerce management, so that the business can run more efficiently.

Check out iTapsa’s WooCommerce store.

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