Maritime Centre Vellamo

Maritime Centre Vellamo is home to the Maritime Museum of Finland, the Museum of Kymenlaakso, the Coast Guard Museum and the Kotka Cultural Centre. Culture-hungry travellers might be familiar with the facade of Maritime Centre Vellamo, which resembles a massive wave, or with their location in the Kantasatama district in Kotka, where Vellamo is surrounded by the historical port.

Fateful Svensksund

The Fateful Svensksund exhibition opened at Maritime Centre Vellamo in the summer of 2020. It provides an unforeseen look at the most significant sea battle ever fought on the Baltic Sea outside Kotka in 1790 and the fortress city that was built after the battle.

We participated in the construction of the exhibition by designing and implementing a number of interactive, visitor-engaging web applications, mainly using JavaScript based React and utilising WordPress as a CMS, but also using Node.js and Firebase.

The shipwrecks map, built on top of Google Maps, includes carefully placed coordinators for wrecks discovered in the waters outside of Kotka.

With the ‘Which Svensksund character would you be?’ -personality test, visitors will be better able to bite into interesting characters and influencers from the era of the naval battles and the fortress city.

The project went according to plan and was a great demonstration of the encounter of different professions and competencies, when the researchers at Vellamo had substantive expertise and Pixels, in turn, implemented the framework for the digital presentation of our themes.

– Elina Pylsy-Komppa, researcher @ Maritime Centre Vellamo


On the Vellamo-kanava -channel, we’re living on the frequency of stories. One is able to dive deeper into the themes of Maritime Centre Vellamo. Eye and ear opening text and audio articles, videos and 3D models are all found on the website.

We’ve created the online service with WordPress, where tailor-made easy to use tools were crafted to enable content management. The continuously developing Vellamo-kanava is living and breathing in sync with the exhibitions available in Maritime Centre Vellamo.

Check out the Vellamo-kanava WordPress website.

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