The Falck Group is an internationally operating company with over a century of experience in offering people safety through their assistance, rescue, training and medical services. In Finland, Falck is one of the leading roadside assistance and towing service providers, operating via a network of over 40 franchise entrepreneurs.

In their wide-scale website renewal, they had the ambitious goal of unifying and centralising the management of all of their franchise network websites. A sought after reform was initialised to transform the colourful scale of existing websites to something more professional and to enable strategic, centralised planning and execution whilist catering for all entrepreneurs with various needs throughout the country.

Organic search engine visibility was one of the leading metrics of success, especially in this field where local searches and localised content is of the utmost importance. Together with Falck, we wanted to create a process and the tools that enables their marketing team to apply best practices for all franchisees at once.

We created a network of multisite-based WordPress sites, which includes many extensive customisations and automations, often aimed at making SEO efforts more manageable. The way we’re looking at this, it’s more of a content delivery network than a traditional content management system (CMS), at this point.

The sites have been divided into sections which are output with content from several sources; some are controlled centrally by Falck and pushed throughout the network via REST API, some are fed with automated base content which is then enriched by localised content, some content is locally managed, and others are pulled in from external databases (such as reviews).

Everything mentioned above means that a new site can be generated into the network almost fully automated, and content can be tailored to match the localised search intent, terms, and everything can be managed centrally through globally updateable elements.

Check out example sites from the network: Kärripojat, Hinaus Kankkunen, Hinausauto.fi 

Applied services

UX & UI Design
App Development
WordPress Websites