About us

We help forward-thinking organisations transform for the future and leave their mark on the world. We want to be there to help these companies grow, succeed and create a meaningful tomorrow.

We at Pixels have a business-minded approach for tackling our customers’ needs. We believe online services should create new business and offer new opportunities. We aren’t afraid to challenge our clients to aim higher. Mediocrity doesn’t suit our way of working, as we always strive for creating the best possible solutions and take pride in our achievements.

We enjoy working together with growth-seeking and ambitious companies and organisations with long-term plans and visions for getting the most out of their digital services in the future. For this, Pixels is an excellent fit as a partner!

Why Pixels?

Captivating visual design
Our skilled designers create distinctive and accessible online services.
Technical expertise
Years of pioneering with tailor-made online services and applications. Some of the best WordPress & WooCommmerce developers in Finland and extensive experience with React / Next.js development.
Vision and ability to challenge
Proactive approach and drive to see that only the best solutions are created. We aren't scared to challenge our clients.
Customer service and communication
We help solve problems and communicate clearly and regularly with our clients.

Putting ourselves in other people's shoes is what helps us support and understand each other as colleagues, and friends.

Utilising empathy in our work also gives us a better understanding of what sort of challenges our clients face in their work, and more importantly; what drives the behaviour of end users who use the products we create.
As curious minded people, we're always interested in understanding how organisations and businesses work and how people behave.

We're constantly learning and improving by finding better ways to solve problems and trying out new methods and technologies.
We're striving to do our best with everything we create and take pride in our work. Sometimes we go the extra mile to provide a superior solution to our clients at the expense of profitability, and that’s ok.

Drive also means we're going to stand by our work and are ready to justify decisions made in creating it.

Want to work at Pixels?

We’re constantly looking for new full-time members to help our clients create new digital services that stand out from the crowd.

Working with complex and extensive, user centric online services should be your bread and butter.

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