About us

Our multinational team is a mixture of designers and developers who are passionate about technology.

We’re driven by solving challenges that create positive impact in the world and strive to work with organisations who align themselves with this idea.

We’re tired of seeing poorly built digital services on the web, and know there’s a better and more sustainable way to do things. We enjoy challenging existing ideas and conventions, and are eager to create websites, online stores and applications that stand out from the crowd by being intuitive and fun to use.

Putting ourselves in other people's shoes is what helps us support and understand each other as colleagues, and friends.

Utilising empathy in our work also gives us a better understanding of what sort of challenges our clients face in their work, and more importantly; what drives the behaviour of end users who use the products we create.
As curious minded people, we're always interested in understanding how organisations and businesses work and how people behave.

We're constantly learning and improving by finding better ways to solve problems and trying out new methods and technologies.
We're striving to do our best with everything we create and take pride in our work. Sometimes we go the extra mile to provide a superior solution to our clients at the expense of profitability, and that’s ok.

Drive also means we're going to stand by our work and are ready to justify decisions made in creating it.

Want to work at Pixels?

We’re constantly looking for new members to join the Pixels team.

If you enjoy user-centric, intuitive design and working with technically advanced online services built with WordPress, WooCommerce and modern JavaScript frameworks like React, get in touch!

Get to know us

Thomas Hurd

CEO & Creative Director, Founder

Email: thomas@pixels.fi

Antero Muranen

Sales & Marketing, Founder

Tel: +358 40 544 8080 +358 40 544 8080

Email: antero@pixels.fi

Vladimir Melnychenko

Developer, Founder

Email: vladimir@pixels.fi

Alenka Kramer Turnsek

Designer, Founder (on maternity leave)

Email: alenka@pixels.fi

Kirill Vitchenko


Email: kirill@pixels.fi

Mohammed Mansour


Email: mohammed@pixels.fi

Julia Volkova


Email: julia@pixels.fi

Sampo Silvennoinen

Lead Developer

Email: sampo@pixels.fi

Anibal Santos


Email: anibal@pixels.fi

How did it all start?

In 2016 we found ourselves at a crossroads after having worked a few years in our old company; due to various challenges we either had to stop working and call it a day or have a fresh start and continue doing interesting projects with awesome clients. For us it was a no-brainer.

We co-founded Pixels Helsinki with a group of colleagues we’re happy to call as friends. The company is still owned fully by the team who are all working at Pixels.

Get in touch!

Want to chat about your upcoming project with us? Interested in working at Pixels?

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Tel: +358 40 544 8080 (Antero)
Email: hello@pixels.fi