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Audit the accessibility of your online service

We evaluate the accessibility of online services for organisations who care about their visitors.

An accessible website or an application means that anyone can understand and use it. This requires the online service to be built with such technologies and methods that make it possible to use them via all kinds of devices and assistive technologies, such as screen readers. In Finland alone, it is estimated that over 1,2 million people require accessible online services and internationally roughly 15% of all of mankind.

Publicly funded organisations and governmental institutions in Finland need to adhere to the Web Accessibility Directive, which outlines the terms and regulations for creating accessible online services.

This is how we audit accessibility

We evaluate your online service from several perspectives utilising semi-automated checking tools and manually testing different use cases (e.g. keyboard usage, screen readers, contrast modes).

We check the accessibility of your visual design and content; e.g. if images include information that should be written out as text and if audio or video files should be transcribed.
We combine our findings and create an extensive report of the current status of your online service, including a full list of WCAG 2.1 A and AA level criteria and how well they have been met. Whenever there are needs for improvements, we'll give you our recommendations and helpful guidance to how to pass the criteria.

We present our findings to you in a meeting. This is the perfect opportunity to brief the people responsible for developing your online service. We can also create an accessibility policy for your website or application.
We'll highlight development needs and required improvements for each failed criteria. If followed correctly, one should not have difficulties in passing the requirements for passing the AA level.

Our experts work with content, visual design and software development on a daily basis, which enables us guide the development of your online service holistically.

Accessibility is a sum of many parts

The accessibility of online services is evaluated by auditing how well they match the WCAG 2.1 criteria. Our experts audit online services by utilising different checking tools and perform manual checks for various use cases.

Accessibility consists of many themes where combined knowledge of technical, visual and content related matters is highlighted.; e.g. colour contrast, readability, logical structure and keyboard accessibility.

We’ll provide an extensive report of the current status of your online service, including improvement suggestions for passing the AA level.

Download example report

If you’d like to check out a concrete example the report we’ll generate for you, you’re free to download an example report by clicking the link below.

Note that our audits also include a face to face presentation and concrete improvement ideas, in addition to the extensive report.

The example report is in English.

Order an accessibility audit

Leave us your contact details and a URL or description of the online service you’d like us to audit. We’ll get back to you with an offer for the audit.

Pricing starts from 2 970 € + VAT 24%. Ask for an offer!