Autoklinikka is the leading auto body repair chain in Finland, where car body repairs are made as easy as they possibly can be. As a part of the Nordic Werksta Group, Autoklinikka covers damage repairs and assessments, windshield repairs and dent removals all over Finland with over 30 body shops and several others in the other Nordic countries.

Upon renewing their branding and online services in the fall of 2018, Autoklinikka gathered a team of experts to help them achieve their goals; an IT consultant, advertising agency NORD DDB, who lead the brand renewal and designed the website, a SEO professional from Quru and Pixels who was responsible for developing the new website.

Our role was to consult the design of the website from both a user-centric perspective and one of a technical expert. We also took care of the technical implementation of the website. WordPress was chosen as the platform for the site due to its open source nature, flexibility and multipurposeness. Autoklinikka had acknowledged early on that the site will be continuously developed, so they saw effortless improvement and customisation along with SEO-friendliness as key factors.

Filling multinational needs, the website caters for the whole Werksta Group. There are currently 4 different country specific versions of the site, each responding to the needs of their markets (see,, and Group site

The site takes advantage of many automated and globally changing elements and multipurposeful sectioned templates, which Autoklinikka’s marketing team can autonomously change and create new pages.

Some technically advanced functionality include form integrations into an ERP system and looking up license plate information via an API from Trafi’s database.

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