Ramirent is one the leading organisations in equipment rental for the construction industry, public sector and households. Operating throughout Finland, in addition to rentals, Ramirent’s services cover everything from planning, on-site services, logistics, and training to accessories.

Having updated their visual identity, Ramirent took the opportunity to redesign two of their software products; RamiSmart, built for construction sites’ staff time and attendance control, inventory management and budgeting, and RamiPro, created for booking trainings.

The Web Applications needed to be more user-friendly, intuitive and provide the same customer experience as Ramirent’s other services. Having a history of being designed and built feature by feature over a long period of time, both applications were cluttered and their architecture needed restructuring.

We started the redesign of both Web Applications with a user-centric approach by mapping out user personas, user journeys and crafting an understanding of the real life use cases in the construction sites. Together with Ramirent’s project team we planned, designed and prototyped a completely new user interface (UI) for both applications.

On the development side, the applications were being upgraded to a new framework, and we were tasked with the technical implementation of the UI using Angular 6. Development was conducted in sprints and iteratively, utilising lean methods. We delivered ready components directly to the software partner Enkora, who was in charge of the backend systems.

Take a look at the RamiSmart Web Application (requires login).
Take a look at the RamiPro Web Application (requires login).

Applied services

UX & UI Design
Web Applications (Angular)