HS-Vesi is a regional water company serving citizens of Akaa, Hattula and Hämeenlinna. The company is owned by its partner municipalities. HS-Vesi is responsible for the supply, treatment and distribution of clean, good quality water, and also collection of wastewater and efficient purification.

Our cooperation started towards the end of 2018 when HS-Vesi had recognised the need to update their website. Their old system was cumbersome, its structure had turned messy over time and the site didn’t adapt responsively to different devices. WordPress was chosen as the basis for the new website due to its open source nature, easy content management and effortless customisability.

Utilising user-centric methods, we designed suitable user journeys and restructured the site together with HS-Vesi to match user needs discovered early in the process. We also paid attention in bringing consistency in the visual design and tried to match it with the other visual communication HS-Vesi had done.

We implemented a custom-made WordPress website based on our starter theme and created multipurposeful and flexible, section based templates. The site is hooked up to an external alert system, which enables HS-Vesi to easily and quickly show different notifications, alerts and an alert map to communicate possible obstructions in the water distribution network.

Check out the HS-Vesi WordPress website.

Applied services

UX & UI Design
WordPress Websites