Every second, every day, somewhere around the world someone starts learning a new instrument with Yousician. Yousician got started with the inspiration to revolutionise music education through an application. Their vision is to make musicality as common as literacy. Nowadays, millions of people learn to play the piano, guitar, bass, ukulele and signing with Yousician.

Software as a service or SaaS products, like Yousician, have a fairly straight-forward approach to digital marketing; their aim is to drive as much high quality traffic to their website as they can and steer their users to download their app. Like an online store then, the site must convert well and it’s being constantly optimised.

Yousician chose WordPress as their website platform as in capable hands, it can be turned into a powerful marketing tool with its flexible and modifiable page templates. The website is easy to optimise without making any compromises with performance or integrations.

Yousician’s WordPress site is built primarily using one section based template, which functions as a sort of ‘page builder’ for their marketing team. Each page section has a ton of customisation options and qualities, handcrafted by us.

Check out Yousician’s WordPress website.

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