The Union of Upper Secondary School Students

The Union of Upper Secondary School Students is a non-political organisation set out to make every day lives for students easier. Becoming a member supports the important work of defending the rights of upper secondary school students.

Their membership entitles its holder to thousand of benefits and discounts, interesting student activities, trainings and produce quality journal Improbatur. With over 50 000 members The Union of Upper Secondary School Students is the largest student organisation in Finland, that is based on voluntary membership.

We helped the union to approach building a new website in a customer-centric manner once it was recognised that their old website was becoming cumbersome to maintain and confusing to navigate. Several representatives of different target areas attended the project and the whole renewal was lead by the ambition to solve needs deriving from each target group. Problems and goals vary greatly when users represent applicants, students, teachers and parents.

WordPress was chosen as the publishing platform as website maintenance and further development needed to be easy and cost-efficient. Based on the Pixels’ Starter Theme, the site was built completely from scratch with the goals of bringing the unions visual identity forward in a fresh way, make it intuitive to find what you’re looking for and give admins better tools for managing everything. 

Useful functionalities for site admins include sectioned page templates, and for website visitors we’ve created tools like the Lukiolaisopas -guide and search for finding local activities and organisations (paikallisten toiminnan piirihaku). 

Check out the WordPress website for The Union of Upper Secondary School Students.

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