Talented is distrupting tech recruitment by picking the side of the developers in order to develop the field from their perspective, talent first and the rest second. Their network now consists of over 1800 designers and developers who Talented supports in searching for new challenges, pondering different career paths, discovering new projects to work on, and other things they might encounter during their careers. Talented opened their Norway office in late 2019.

Their website renewal was preceded by a brand identity update and changes in the business strategy over the past couple of years. Their old website was self-made and worked just fine, but didn’t really respond to current needs well. With this new site they wanted to communicate their new strategy and increased service offering better, whilst getting back to their roots and reflect their developer targeted branding.

WordPress was the chosen publishing platform as content changes were going to be frequent and the site needed to be quickly modified by Talented’s marketing experts. Continuous development and the ability to quickly adapt to changes were highlighted as important requirements of the new system, as new business units will be established in the near future.

Concepting was conducted by Talented’s inhouse designer and together with Pixels’ UX & UI Designers we were able to finalise the visual look effectively. The technical implementation is based on Pixels’ starter theme, and the site is setup as a multisite, which enables copies of the site to be created for new markets.

Check out Talented’s WordPress website.

Applied services

UX & UI Design
WordPress Websites