Relion is much more than an accounting company. In addition to daily digital financial management routines, Relion will assist your company to generate more revenue and provide guidance on important topics such as planning for growth, ownership, or financing. Relion currently employs 20 financial experts and is steadily growing.

In this website renewal, the main goal was to build a professional framework and tools to empower Relion’s growth. The role of the website is super meaningful both in creating a lasting first impression, differentiating them from the crowd, as in guiding organic traffic towards contacting Relion.

Their old Wix-based setup was becoming difficult to develop and maintain, and it was uninspiring to use, due to being so slow and cumbersome. SEO efforts weren’t easy to push through either and so Relion identified a clear need for a change. We built the new site on WordPress, on top of which we’ve tailor-made a unique visual look, flexible and modular templates and easy to use tools for managing content. During the design process, we took Relion’s visual identity and modernised it to match the goals of the website.

Relion has a clear objective in disrupting industry conventions and create new expectations for how a modern financial management provider behaves and operates. Unorthodox for a B2B/service provider, Relion is transparent with their pricing and providers clear pricing information with their clever calculator and removing many thresholds for interested potential clients while doing so. Clear calls-to-action and conversion points follow users throughout the website.

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