ONEiO is a cloud-based integration hub which allows you to integrate several applications, platforms and service providers with each without having to write a line of code. The SaaS product’s ecosystem thinking is rapidly disrupting the integration industry worldwide.

We helped ONEiO bring their renewed brand come to life by creating an extensive and flexible WordPress-site, which laid the groundwork for launching the brand and standing out from the rest of the market. We’ve done several iterations of the site and the latest version, designed by marketing agency Boy, is more directed at pure SaaS enterprise clients with a global reach.

Freedom of choice is one of the cornerstones in the content management of site, where templates come together by building them section by section, easily and flexibly. Our way of constructing websites inherently gives them longer life spans and enables sites to have more modifiability than traditional templating.

Continuous development work includes collaborating with ONEiO’s marketing & growth hacking team on a weekly basis, completing development tasks, trials and constant optimisation.

Check out ONEiO’s WordPress website

We also delved deep into ONEiO’s software, starting with User Interface (UI) Design and development. Their Web Application needed to be renewed to match the new branding so we jumped at the chance to examine it fully. We started by creating user journeys (UX) and remodeled the user interface (UI) view by view. Our team helped in implementing the new designs by building the UI and frontend components as an extension to ONEiO’s internal software team.

Check out ONEiO’s Web Application (ask for a demo)

Applied services

WordPress Websites
UX & UI Design
Web Applications (Angular)