Judging Tool™

Tietoa is a Finnish service company offering expertise for real estate and construction industries by producing applied reality, building information modelling and visualization services for construction projects. In concrete terms, they offer laser scanning, inventory modelling, visualisation, aerial photography and BIM Consulting to mention a few things.

Architectural competitions have been dealt with throughout time by using paper and miniature models. Nowadays, offices taking part in competitions are asked to return their proposals in a digital format – here’s where the Judging Tool™ comes in. Tietoa wanted to offer a fully digital experience to enable judges evaluate proposals via an easy to use user interface, where works can be arranged, filtered, reviewed and commented on – whenever and wherever.

The Judging Tool™ can be connected to the Weup air-map™ which enables companies participating in a competition to work with 3D models in high-resolution panoramic aerial photos and provide the judges with a new perspective in their evaluation.

Co-operation with Pixels went as planned. User experince design, discovering and implementing the visual look, and technical execution were done as promised. Pixels’ way of leading projects is systematic and aims to clarify things.

Creativity and pragmatism are sometimes conflicting but when handled correctly, it only generates new energy. Our co-operation continues.”

– Tomas Westerholm, Head of Digital, Partner @ Tietoa

In this project we were responsible for designing the user flows, user interfaces and implementation of the web application’s frontend utilising React together with Tietoa’s inhouse developers.

Technical specs include:

  • React, React Router and Redux (frontend)
  • Google Firebase (hosting, backend)

If you’d like to have a closer look at the Judging Tool™ in action, talk to Tietoa about a demo presentation.

Applied services

UX & UI Design
Web Applications (React)