Integrata is pioneering its way through changing how human resource management is done and doubling down on investing what matters to them most, their people. Integrata’s personnel produce humane HR process design as a full service by giving their absolute best input into HR, payroll and management. Keeping it real, but not too serious.

Their core competence is to produce HR as full service; The service package includes HR, payroll, time management, travel and expense management, service management, software robotics, HR reporting and analytics, and consulting related to all of the above. For easier HR, smart systems with manual work-cutting solutions are available.

We wanted to offer our customers the opportunity to acquire HR packages online easily. We were pioneering our way through it, as there was no benchmark in the industry. A solid online store was piled up in a couple of months. Orders have been received and we are currently collecting development insights from the MVP version.

Says Heidi Heinonen, who takes care of Integrata’s brand.

The long-stewed idea of ​​an online store for expert services was launched in the summer of 2020. The goal was to create an easily accessible online store with the simple MVP idea to offer solutions for better payroll management and a harmless HR tomorrow. In the store, you can buy, for example, a tax card robot, HR relief or a payroll person.

The online store was set up on top of WooCommerce, which is a handy open source solution that allows the store to be easily scaled and further developed. The store can be thus easily attached to Integrata’s main WordPress-based website, if necessary. Marketing automation and e.g. appointment booking is handled with an integration to HubSpot.

Check out Integrata’s online store Shoppaamo.

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