Gapps is the leading Google Cloud partner in Finland. They are specialised in helping companies to digitize their work, developing new digital services for their clients and offering modern tools for work. The company is growing rapidly and has taken over 900 customers successfully over to the Google Cloud during its near 10-year history.

Their website renewal was preceded by a change in their services and a renewed visual identity. In the background, we recognised complex needs of their marketing department and the need to simplify how their site is managed.

Offering information about services, references and company culture in an easy-to-approach way – and thus sparking interest in potential clients and employees was a key goal for the site.

The site is built almost completely out of reshapable sections, which you can freely edit, compile and construct new page templates with, on the fly. This enables managing and improving the site for multiple use cases without technical expertise. And in the process of ensuring that managing content is easy, we’re building a great foundation for digital marketing efforts and campaigns. The site was designed by Gapps’ in-house designer.

Check out Gapps’ WordPress website.

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