Finnish Karate Federation

The Finnish Karate Federation represents karate practitioners and their local organisations in Finland. They operate nationally providing support, training and tools for clubs to develop their activities. Their mission is to unite Finnish karate under one flag, and they are looking to multiply the amount of practitioners in the following years.

We designed and developed a mobile-optimised, easy to use and flexible WordPress website for the Finnish Karate Federation. Clever, section-based templates pay a big role in the implementation, which help ensure a long life-cycle for the site and open up many dynamic possibilities and use cases for it.

The site was built looking ahead to the future, as they have plans to double down on marketing considerably more than currently, when the need for flexibility will present itself.

According to analytics, the search function we created has been popular. With it, anyone interested in karate can find a suitable local karate club.

We wanted to keep it easy for employees of the organisation to update and maintain the site, as they often have their hands full. We strive to include smart and easy to use tools inside the admin panel, so there aren’t too many tedious manual tasks.

Check out the  Finnish Karate Federation’s WordPress website

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