Blueprint Genetics

Blueprint Genetics is a Finnish Healthtech startup who provides genetic knowledge through comprehensive genetic testing services with operations in North America, Europe and the Middle East. They support healthcare professionals around the world in providing the best care for patients with rare inherited diseases by delivering answers using fast, affordable, and comprehensive genetic diagnostics.

Blueprint wanted to bring open communication and transparency into a field which was clouded with companies being secretive about their technologies and methods. This meant creating a brand story which advocates openness, clarity, and providing actionable discoveries to support healthcare professionals to their jobs better – thus, potentially saving more lives.

Launching their service in the US to large audiences meant their online services needed to be easy, intuitive and offer the best possible user experience. Despite being a conservative field, Blueprint has made extensive efforts in converting their customers to adopt a more digital focus through streamlined online services.

Our role was to apply Blueprint Genetics’ refined brand identity to a digital context and to create digital services which generate meaningful customer experiences.

Their website renewal also had some technically advanced requirements. Qualities of the site include IP-address steered localisation and integration into third party systems (i.e. product info on the site is created automatically by using REST API in WordPress).

Blueprint’s efficient marketing team is able to perform content management self-sufficiently, which enabled us to create flexible admin panel where most of the site is customisable to a certain extent.

Have a closer look at Blueprint Genetics’ WordPress website.

A custom-built ordering system for Blueprints’ clients, called Nucleus, was built as a React-based web-application to help clients create orders, track them and to deliver extensive reports on genetic tests. The system houses a unique ‘Connecting Clinicians’ feature which connects industry professionals to each other and enables the sharing of information on rare hereditary genetic disorders, based on specific qualities.

In early 2020 when the global COVID-19 epidemic started to have its effect on events being cancelled, Blueprint wanted to offer the opportunity to take part in their events online. We created the Virtual Conference Booth where a virtual event experience is mimicking the real world event space with Blueprint’s presentations and materials.

Applied services

UX & UI Design
WordPress Websites
Web Applications (React)