Arter is a Finnish consulting firm with roots in quality management and software development. They offer software, expertise and training for business development. Quality management, enterprise architecture, process development and knowledge management are in the core of Arter’s know-how. They provide services and software, such as the ARC-software for visualising enterprise architecture, IMS for information and process management and QF-training for business development.

Arter’s website renewal was preceded by a modernisation of their brand identity, where in addition to updating their visual identity, Arter looked for a new angle for their communication and marketing messaging. Their previous website was built inhouse and had become extensive but also difficult to use over the years. Updating content was tedious and with an emphasis on having flexible tools for marketing efforts, a new website was required.

“Our goal was to create a clear and flexible site, which supports our marketing efforts. Working together with Pixels was easy. As a result, our new website is much better in terms of user experience, visual design and technical implementation than the old one.

We’re extremely pleased with the updated, refreshed visual look.”

– Noora Lehtinen, markkinointisuunnittelija

WordPress was chosen due to its familiarity and modifying capabilities. We’ve created an extensive amount of different kinds of templates and sections to match the needs to various types of content, targeted carefully at each target audience. One of the main points on the website is showcasing different types of events, training and webinars, where Arter decided to utilise an event management system called Eventilla. We built an tailor-made integration to Eventilla, making it possible for Arter to manage events fully inside Eventilla, and for customers to register to events fully inside WordPress.

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