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Finnish companies are desperately behind on digitalisation and utilising digital platforms. We’re getting outperformed even by our loving neighbours, the Swedes.

We want to offer Finnish SME’s an easy, cost-free method to testing and develop their existing services and to validate the effectiveness of totally new product ideas. Digital services especially need to have seamless usability and offer inspiring user experiences in order to stay competitive. With agile methods, we can demo and prototype new product ideas quickly and efficiently.

What is the Innovation voucher?

Business Finland (formerly known as Tekes), who has been traditionally known to be not the easiest to approach when it comes to financing, is now offering a 5000€ (+vat) Innovation voucher for SME’s with the goal of improving the competitive advantage of Finnish companies.

The voucher is intended for companies interested in developing current and new products, services and processes, or those looking to acquire new knowledge and competencies. The voucher can be used as a part of a larger project or to just your kickstart service development.

We at Pixels approach this with methods of service design, often through demos and prototypes. We also do a lot of User Experience and Usability testing for digital services. Here’s a few concrete examples of use cases for the voucher:

  • User Experience (UX) auditing for a mobile app
  • Mapping and defining digital brand experience
  • An interactive prototype for a web-app
  • Concept and demo for an online service

How to apply?

We’re one of the official Innovation voucher service providers so you only need to get in touch with us by using the form below or call Antero directly at +358 40 544 8080. We’ll go through your idea together and see if it can be funded with the voucher fully or even partly.

Remember to check the application criteria.

Interested? Get in touch and let's talk it through!