Want to develop a service?

Have an idea for a new service or product? Let’s plan, concept and prototype it together! We can help you validate an idea and get a concrete start to get it up and running!

Or, if you already have a service or a product you wish to develop further, we can offer a framework for planning and refining it. Perhaps there are new functionalities to consider developing? Wish to do user testing or to optimise user experience? Let’s do it!

Something else in mind? Get in touch with us and we’ll tailor something new for you.

What is the Innovation voucher?

Tekes is offering a cost-free solution for SMEs to start utilising innovation services.

The 5000€ (+vat) Innovation voucher is intended for developing current and new products, services and processes, or to acquire new knowledge and competencies. This can be done by creating prototypes, demos and experiment with new ideas, for example. Chances are, whatever your problem may be, we’ve already solved something similar before.

Applying criteria

You’re free to apply for the Innovation voucher if your company matches the following criteria:

  • Your company is a SME (not a large company, public or non-profit organisation, sole-trader)
  • Your company is well-established and has completed at least one full fiscal year.
  • Your company doesn’t have any tax liabilities.
  • Your company’s Alfa-rating is A+ or higher (Asiakastieto)
  • Your company hasn’t received Tekes funding last or this year.
  • Your company’s de minimis -quota is not exceeded (over 200 000€ in funding from Tekes, Finnvera or ELY).
  • All criteria and more specific information you can find here.


How to apply?

We’re one of the official Innovation voucher service providers so you only need to get in touch with us by using the form below or call Antero directly at +358 40 544 8080. We’ll give you instructions on how to apply and you don’t need to worry about anything else than developing your idea. 🙂