Why websites matter

Websites matter.
Because websites can improve your business.

Websites can give your business more than a space to introduce your company and tell your story. Depending on your and your visitors’ needs, your website could provide the following:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • 24/7 sales and lead generation
  • An online store showcasing your best products in the light they deserve
  • An easy-to-use registration form for visitors to sign-up for your next event or webinar
  • All your information in a clearly organised and easily searchable manner
  • A sneak peek inside your company attracting the best talent to join your team
  • A place integrating all your different social media channels
  • An easy to use CMS (content management system) making it easy for you and your team members to update and add content

In addition to these concrete elements of websites, the overall experience you provide to your visitors can be the best sales tool you have ever had. By guiding your visitors along a certain path you can increase the chances of them becoming a client. On the other hand, if the user experience you offer is bad, your visitors become harder to convert into clients.

A great website project consists of the following elements:

  • An in-depth pre-project check-up
  • A strategy helping you to achieve your business goals
  • User behaviour analysis
  • A user experience strategy
  • Brand polishing
  • Analytics set-up

Remember, when well planned and executed, your website can be a vital tool in improving your business.

A great website is also a great business tool.

Why should you invest in a website?

There are no quick fixes or “pretty websites” that would help your business.

Yes, there are a bunch of beautiful and well-functioning websites out there. However, only a fraction of them actually support and improve the business they represent.

Creating a website or an application that truly supports your business and helps you to achieve your goals is worth investing time and resources in.

You pay for the web design team to spend time with you to first understand you and your business and then to use all their knowledge and skills to put together the best solution. In order to maximise your ROI, the team building your website needs to fully understand your business.

Working with us

Our ambition at booncon PIXELS is to be the team delivering that best solution and to continue working together with you, one successful project after another.

We believe in the power of co-creation. We will never just hand you a ready website, designed and built the way we feel is the best. Instead, we want to work with you together to find out the most suitable solutions.

This is why we wish to start all our projects with a kickoff workshop. In the workshop our teams together go through your current situation, goals, and what needs to be done so you can get from where you are, to where you would like to be.

After the workshop you will get a workshop summary, an action plan, a detailed project offer and valuable information needed to make an informed decision about your project investment.

Working together continues throughout the project with regular project meetings and additional workshops.

We are on a quest for better projects.

Cheerio, enjoy your day!

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