Wanted: UX & UI Designer

Wanted: UX & UI Designer

Hey there! We’re on a mission to save the web from crappy digital services and need your help to do that.

In addition to hiring a developer, we’re also looking for a UX & UI Designer with the ability to create intuitive, user-friendly and visually captivating websites and applications. The person we’re looking for should be comfortable leading and owning the whole process from research, workshopping, wireframing, concept development, UI kits and visual layouts into prototyping and into collaborating with our developers to make things into reality.

You will help us grow the company further by creating things in a better way, enabling us to do more in less time and with greater results. We’re also really passionate about creating a warm, supportive working culture and look forward to seeing your part in evolving it.

This is why whoever will join us, we hope to be someone who’s willing to put in their heart and soul as well and partner up with us for the long-term.

Check out the job description, share it with cool people you’d know fit the role or apply ASAP.

Talk to you soon!