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Our team is happy to announce we have found another adventurer to join our journey and this one has a black belt in Karate, way cool!

Finishing off his very first week, Antero, our new Sales Consultant, was excited to tell a little bit more about himself.

Meet Antero!

by Antero Muranen, Sales Stormtrooper

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Hi! I’m the newest addition to booncon PIXELS’ sales and marketing squad.

Writing this is a 20-something sports and technology enthusiast from Tampere, Finland. My background revolves around business studies and mainly sales tasks. Outside the office I spend most of my time either training or with those closest to me. A peek into my life in the “outside world” includes food, music, games, and karate, which has brought me to several different countries and given me a bunch of good friends.

booncon PIXELS really caught my attention with their engaging story. Their (or should I say our) working philosophy and the whole innovative startup mindset sounded almost too good to be true. Gladly, a warm welcome and my first week really cashed all of my hopes and expectations in. A quick sum up of my week includes a lot of laughter, delicious food and getting inspired to the world of design. Also, I feel my experience and opinions are truly valued and we’ve really had some successful brainstorming and planning sessions concerning our company strategy.

One of the reasons I originally applied was the possibility of working in a fresh company, a company who I could grow with. It’s a different world being truly a part of something. Here I feel I’m a part of the pack, not just an employee. One of the exciting parts of working in a startup are the challenges of building the brand and finding efficient marketing tactics. My hopes for the future definitely include building this company into something great together with a bunch of wonderful people. I’m painting quite a romantic picture, I admit… but as long as we keep this story going, I don’t have a doubt in my mind.

To wrap things up, and since it’s friday, here’s a video of a cabinet door which sounds exactly like Chewbacca! (too many Star Wars references?)

The pack keeps growing

We were also on the lookout for amazing frontend and backend people ready to jump in an explore the world with us. It seems we found some true gems. Stay tuned to find out more!

Au revoir!

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