The ace up our sleeve is revealed!


We are happy to present to the public the new and refined PIXELS website!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been planning, designing and developing a better PIXELS experience. The website is live, so go check it out!

Take a look at PIXELS after the makeover!


This is how a digital design and consultancy studio works!

We aimed to introduce our way of working and shed some light on what it is like to work in a design studio. On our services page you can see a description of our working process.

All good projects start with thorough groundwork.

A little help to start a project

“Easy to use” was our refrain throughout the creation of the website. One part of this is our Project wizard who is there to help users interested in starting their own project with us.

Never underestimate ease of use.

Connect, Connect, Connect

The new PIXELS website links all our activities together! Check out our available positions, start following us on twitter, like us on facebook, take a look at our everyday office life through Instagram and of course see the newest on boonconic 😉

These days your telling your story allover – remember to link it together!

Enjoy your week, adieu!