Coaching startups – brand clinic

Antero and Alex getting ready for the day of awesome teams, incredible ideas and inspiration.

Polishing, tweeking & ideating

The idea of the brand clinic is to help the startup teams polish up their brand and user experience. For 20 efficient minutes, we discussed the brand of each team from four perspectives:

1. Tone & voice
Brand extends to the way you choose to communicate with your audience. Finding the appropriate tone, that reinforces your company’s stance and promise, is essential.

2. Brand elements
Names, logos, icons, brandmarks, bylines, mission statements, brand guidelines, mascots, trademarks, colours, typography, etc. These are the tangible elements used to help cultivate a brand.

3. Coherence
How well do all the brand elements work together to paint a unified image in support of your company’s bigger picture? This extends to all platforms where your brand is present (e.g. social media).

4. Overall brand experience
What is the feeling a person is left after encountering your brand? Is this inline with what your story and vision is?

Amazing talent – check these teams out!

During our first day of brand clinic activites, we had the pleasure to meet 9 incredible teams. All of them have high potential of nailing it, here a closeup on a few of them.


Saving lives with SMS

Sometimes a startup idea isn’t only about making our lives easier, more efficient or smarter. Sometimes the idea is to save lives.

Totohealth’s vision is to do exactly that. Their SMS based service aims at saving and improving the health of mothers and children in Africa. Communicating with parents through SMS the company is improving the wellbeing of both mothers and children and decreasing infant mortality.

Be part of this great idea by supporting the Totohealth crowdfunding campaign!


Because security is key

So, you have all these passwords and then you have all these password management tools, software, app versions, browser extensions…you name it. What if all you needed is your phone?

Ki wants to make our lives among passwords a lot easier. Just by having your phone close by, login information is automatically filled in. We got a sneak peek to the actual application and boy does it look good!

Stay tuned for some news soon 😉

Enabling easy ideation and feedback

Throwing in ideas and constant iteration is key for innovations and continuos improvement. The final piece of the puzzle is feedback and this is where steps in.

With, everyone in an organisation can submit and review ideas, and provide quality feedback quickly, all in one place. This means that all ideas are heard and the ideation process is not limited to one section of your company.

Miika and Garrett from diving into their brand.


Fan-created concerts

What if you could create a concert featuring your favourite band? What if all concerts weren’t organised by the traditional big players like Live Nation? What if there already was a platform with 400 000 artists, 150 000 fans and a history of 25 fan-requested concerts? There is.

Meet MyMusicTaste. This energetic team wants to challenge the way concerts are organised and are well on their way of breaking the old, stiff system. Their app is already available for iOS and Android. Rock on!

Brand clinic – week 2

The second round of our brand clinic was at least as exciting as the first one. We met a lot of interesting people with really cool ideas. Here’s our short recap of week 2.


Better bedtime for kids

8/10 children are afraid of the dark. What if you didn’t have to spend every evening convincing your child that there are no monsters under the bed? After all, story time can be much more than just a parental monologue.

LeeLuu have designed the perfect companion for bed time: an adorable plush toy that doubles as an interactive nightlight. This cool tech product certainly doesn’t look like one, but it will take your child on an adventure every night when the lights go off!


Sometimes to excel is not good enough. (pun intented)

Digitalisation and focus on usability is spreading into conservative industries (finally!) as well. A whopping 80% of the companies still use MS Excel for consolidation (aggregation of financial statements).

Rephop is changing the thinking of consolidation with a clean, crisp UI and smart design. With their system, accountants and CFOs can save up to 75% of their time working on consolidated financial statements. Additionally stakeholders get instant access to the financial statements and reports from anywhere.

Revealing hidden fraud activity and finding quality in ads

Companies spend bucketloads of money in advertising online. So far, however, a large percentage of the traffic can be generated by bots – not people. Unfortunately, normal analytics can only get you so far.

The goal of is making your traffic sources as transparent as possible, thus allowing you to improve traffic quality and identify risks sooner. Their platform aims to make advertising efforts as efficient as possible, thus decreasing your spenditure drastically.

Innovation ahoy! Be sure to check out all the teams and come see them pitch their idea at Startup Sauna Demo Day.

Here’s what it looked like last year:

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