Spicing it up with a new User Experience Designer

Finding the right type of talent and personality is perhaps the trickiest part in growing as a company. The new adventurers joining our journey should not only have the required skills but also, and actually more importantly, be a good fit to our team.

We were looking for a kick-ass user experience designer this spring and got truly lucky.

Already a month has passed, but let us introduce the amazing, smart and funny addition to our team.

Meet Jinyi.

Jinyi Su

Hey! I’m Jinyi Su. The fresh one at booncon PIXELS. I’m working as a UX designer in the team and I’m just starting my second month here. I have been living in Finland for almost 5 years now. Before that I lived in China and in South Korea.

A dreamer following the dreams

Because of an unbelievably attracting documentary movie, I have been fascinated about Finland since I was 12 years old. It’s a pity that I don’t remember its name anymore, otherwise I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t been here. Eventually I managed to come to my “dreamland” in 2010 for master studies. After finishing my studies I worked in two startup companies. It was exciting to work in startups, but working in a design agency like booncon PIXELS is my dream come true.

Key words: technology and music

I have a huge passion for technology! Everyday I follow the latest tech news and get familiar with the newest tech trends. 3 years ago, when I learned how to code, I was excited to find out that I’m kinda nerdy. While many girls talk about bags, I’m among those ones who love to talk about cool tech stuff.

Music is my other addiction. I can play Chinese piano and I also love to play the guitar and keyboard. Every now and then, I write my own songs just for fun. At booncon PIXELS, one of the coolest thing is that we always have good quality music playing at the office.

I set two principles for my job preference few years ago:

  1. I will not work in a place where I have to wear suits.
  2. I will not work in a place where I cannot have music.

I can say booncon PIXELS is an awesome place to work. Super cool people, flexible working environment, exciting projects/challenges and amazing activities. It feels great to work with my colleagues, who play hard and work harder.

You can follow my adventures here through my twitter 🙂

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