Skills from Slovenia

We’re happy to announce that another amazing companion has joined our adventure! This time through a newly started Erasmus program that matches Host Entrepreneurs, a kind of mentor, and New Entrepreneurs, the people who wish to learn, together (keep reading for more about that). She will work with us for the summer as an intern.

Without further ado, let’s hear it from the girl herself 🙂

Meet Petra

Moi, minä olen Petra … aaaand that is pretty much all I can say in Finnish 🙂

Petra Ravbar

I am a perfect example of Generation Y. I like everything online and digital. Show me a cool application and I will follow you on Twitter. Like my dog’s Facebook page and I will keep you entertained with his international lifestyle. Check my tips on Foursquare and I will tell you where the best coffee in town is.

As you can see, social media is my expertise and the reason I wanted to join booncon was to learn more about marketing in general. The European programme that enabled me this great 3,5 month experience is called Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. It is a cross-border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs (me) a chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses (booncon) in other participating countries.

The idea for entreprenurial exchange was first introduced in the European Parliament in 2007 and was launched two years later by the European Commission. Since then, more than 3000 exchanges have happened and 87% of the start-ups founded by the entrepreneurs who have participated in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs are still in business nowadays – while the average survival rate of start-ups after three years in Europe is only 57%.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is also one of the key actions of the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan, which aims to ignite entrepreneurial spirit in Europe, support new businesses in crucial phases of their lifecycle and help them to grow.

Choosing Finland

I visited Finland in May 2014 with the European Movement Slovenia and right after coming home I pinned Helsinki as one of my favourite cities on TripAdvisor.

Then, few months later I went to AEGEE Summer university in Russia, a 17 day long event organised by local students that started in Moscow and ended at Baikal Lake. At the event I met a really nice Finn who later became my boyfriend and voila, again I had a ticket to Helsinki 🙂 During the New Year I spent in Finland I decided to search for companies that would be willing to try the previously mentioned European programme. For the first time in my life I experienced how hard it is to get at least a response, if not a job, without having some personal connections. During the second week of waiting for answers from multiple Finnish companies I had a Skype call with a great friend Katarina. She reminded me of a mutual friend from Helsinki that we met at Rails Girls workshop in Ljubljana.

His name is Nur şah Ketene and he was one of the mentors at the workshop that took place in Ljubljana in December 2012. He suggested me to visit the company where he works – booncon PIXELS, and after an interview and successfully completed challenges I knew I wanted to spend my summer with them. They invited me onboard to booncon, the parent company of booncon PIXELS. But – first we had to handle all Erasmus processes which took more than 4 months. However, lets talk about this bureaucracy in some later post.

Oh, I have to tell you! I love the main entrance to booncon – no key, just some blue object you lean to the door and boom, it’s open!

To learn

My current role model is Leeni Harmainen. I want to learn at least one third of the things she knows and as much as I can from the rest of the team here! Due to Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme my duty is also to work on my business idea and learn about starting a business. This is why working at booncon and getting to know also how business is run in its daughter company booncon PIXELS is incredibly useful for me. With great experience come great responsibilities 🙂

I like visiting art galleries and I admire colorful propaganda posters. My wish is to learn some basics in Adobe Illustartor or Photoshop so I could create graphics or make sketches of my ideas. Until now I have been mostly reading articles on digital design and visual communication but in very near future I’ll start putting my ideas on pape.. screen!

Slovenian flavour

Whenever a new team member joins our team, we’re bound to also get some new flavours to our Tuesday breakfasts. Petra spoiled us with some Slovenian delicacies the other week 🙂 This on the photo is home-made buckwheat bread with walnuts and pumpkin seed oil + radish on top. We also got to try Ajdovi žganci (Buckwheat spoonbread) with sour milk.

Slovenian breakfast

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