Ready for mobile?

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When was the last time you visited a website, scrolled through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or some other application using your tablet device or your smartphone? We bet you did it max 10 minutes ago if your not reading this now on your mobile device.

2014 is said to be the year of mobile revolution – the year when mobile devices surpass desktop devices in number.

Are you ready for this change?

Mobile all over

You cannot escape the articles, stories and research results about the development of mobile devices. Skimming through some of our favourite publications and information sources, gives us a selection of mobile related topics:

The Marissa effect: Yahoo mobile users will eclipse desktop users in 2014 – VentureBeat, Jan 10th 2014

NBCUniversal Invests In Mobile Video News Service NowThis News –
TechCrunch, Jan 14th 2014

Instagram Is The Fastest-Growing Social Site Globally, Mobile Devices Rule Over PCs For Access – TechCrunch, Jan 21st 2014

Top 5 mobile marketing metrics that matter in 2014 – and 5 that don’t – VentureBeat, Jan 23rd 2014

The Fight For Mobile Payments Continues: iZettle Launches It’s SDK – ArcticStartup, Jan 23rd 2014

Facebook tests new mobile ad network – Silicon Valley News, Jan 22 2014

Try searching “mobile devices” on TechCrunch and you get over 34027 results!

Studies and predictions explain why mobile is so hot right now.

This Morgan Stanley study, optimistically predicted the number of mobile devices to exceed desktop and laptop personal computers (worldwide) already during 2013. According to several other sources, the real thing is set to happen during 2014.

This is significant when reflecting back to other historical developments, like an Economist article from 2012 explains. Do you remember when your phone had a cord? It’s only been 12 years since the mobile phones took over your fixed line. It only took a mere 126 years since the invention of the telephone. A quick tally reveals that our team purchased their first smartphones on average in 2009 and most of us are already on their 3rd smartphone. One of our more tech savvy (or nerdy) companions got his first smartphone in 2004. All of this points to the rapid development of mobile technology. In less than ten years from market entrance to revolution. Wow!

Gartner backs this development up. According to their research and predicitions mobile phones are expected to dominate overall device shipments, with altogether 1.9 billion mobile phones shipped in 2014. This is a five percent increase from 2013.

TNS reports we will hit 76.9 billion mobile app downloads globally in 2014.
Based on a TNS Mobile Life report study from 2012, mobile is crucial for businesses across all fields and creating a mobile strategy is actually a business imperative.

Social mobile

Just analysing the behaviour of our team, it’s easy to notice that mobile devices are used with social media a lot. TechCrunch had an interesting article about this earlier this week. According to the article, mobile handsets are now the most popular way of accessing social media, with 66% of users reporting they use mobile devices for this reason.

The cut between mobile devices and PCs is even clearer when looking at microblogging services (such as Twitter and messaging app usage). Tablets dominate these services with 44% penetration, followed by mobile handsets at 29%. PCs are left in the cold with a 27% slice of the pie.

It’s safe to say, mobile is something you should not only pay attention to – but invest in.

Our numbers

Research on our own sites reveaks a few interesting mobile facts. During November 2013, 7,75% of visitors on our own websites were mobile device users. Thus far in January the percentage is hovering around 5,63.

Looking at our projects from the last 2 years, usability on mobile devices has been a criteria in each one of them. The need for responsive design or creating independent mobile apps has kept growing and in most cases is one of the key pilars of a project.

mobile visitors responsive usability

Next up: Designing for mobile

To wrap it up, mobile is not coming, it is here. It is growing, developing, changing and challenging our behaviour. Are you ready for mobile? Is your company getting the full benefits of it?

Next week, we will take a deeper look into what designing for mobile actually means. What are the pitfalls to avoid, which creators are worth benchmarking and what our team thinks about the future of mobile.

Stay tuned.

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