Pizza workshop at Design Factory


We all love pizza. Melted mozzarella on tasty tomato sauce with a combination of ham, prosciutto or fresh veggies. Delicious!

booncon loves pizza. Since our founders come from the land of pizza all booncon employees must love pizza. No exceptions. Dot.
(Yes, it is a question at our job interviews.)

Design Factory loves pizza. booncon started in Design Factory and, since our CEO Luki is a pizza chef, they all soon became addicted to this tasty Italian specialty.

This addiction later lead to the first pizza workshop in ADF which happened in 2013. It’s been 2 years since that and in the meantime we moved twice, increased our team by 4 people and probably ate approximately 100 pizzas. This year we were invited back again and after a busy spring we finally found some free time in May.

However, since most of you came to this blog just because of the mention of pizza (or ADF), we decided to share our secret recipe (and how boooncon started) with you.

  1. a) First steps towards making pizza are cleaning the cooking space and getting all the ingredients. Here comes the rule good ingredients make a great dish. For pizza dough we need flour, yeast, warm water and a bit of oil and salt. When it comes to toppings you can be creative. Tomato sauce and mozzarella are a must, but any type of additional cheese, salami, mushrooms, tuna and veggies are your choice.

    b) Main ingredients of a startup are people. Many tech unicorns started in garages but not many -1 floors have good internet connection. We started in –1 floor of Design Factory and we have to say our connection was pretty fast 🙂


  2. a) After rinsing our ingredients they are cut. Pizza dough is rolled into perfect round flats and then decorated. The first layer is tomato sauce, second is mozzarella, third is ham …

    b) Team members are like the layers of a pizza. Every person brings something new, makes the team as a whole better and the company more competent.


  3. a) When the pizza is decorated it goes into the hot oven. 5 minutes on maximum heat on a pizza stone is usually enough, but it depends of the dough and the oven.

    b) After a year at ADF we moved to a new office in HEL. It was located on Iso Roobertinkatu and at that time we started focusing on developing our business more.


  4. a) When all the indicating factors come together – 5 minutes passed, pizza looks good, people are hungry – we take our food out of the oven. Delicious smell fills the kitchen and if it’s not gone right away from the baking tray, we serve it on plates.

    b) At that time someone new came to the table, called Leeni. As the first Finnish speaking person she brought us new clients and enabled us to grow on the Finnish market.


  5. a) Second pizza is on the way, after it another one, and one more, and more …

    b) If the company keeps doing well it soon needs more people. It happened to us and it will hopefully happen to many other startups as well.


  6. a) With new pizzas we are discovering different combinations and new flavours. But remember that every good pizza is build on a great dough 😉


    b) In three years booncon came from a small startup to a real company with 9 full-time employees in its daughter company booncon PIXELS and one Erasmus intern. Yet we still remember where our story started. We love coming back to Design Factory and also to its neighbor, Startup Sauna, where we coached two generations of startups participating in their accelerator programme.

Want more proof of our relationship with pizza? According to Tobi and Luki ate more than 380 pizzas together!

P.S. For a more precise recipe just ask for it in the comments 🙂

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