Pipedrivin’ our CRM

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Last year we couldn’t find a suitable CRM system and decided to build our own with the help of Redhen CRM as we have used it before.

This proved to be more complicated than expected and luckily in the midst of our struggle to create a perfect CRM we bumped into Pipedrive. It’s fair to say it isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty god damn close.

We are happy to share our Pipedrive experiences with you!

The awesome stuff

The first thing we fell for was the easy and clear layout and navigation. Unlike many other customer relationship management systems, Pipedrive actually combines functionality and design in a beautiful way. In addition to this, these are the things that make us tick:

1. Email sync

Ingenious! Send all customer related emails as bcc to a pipedrive address and the system links them with the deal in question. This way you have all the communication information in one place πŸ™‚

A bonus. You can also sync Pipedrive with your Google Calendar, Google Contacts and Google Drive.

2. Multiple users, different rights

Perfect for an international and/or remote sales team! You can add users for your Pipedrive profile for 7 € /month and for each user regulate which deals and customers/contacts they can see. When you need more users you can easily add them from your settings section and the price updates automatically.

3. Easy to follow progress

This is something essential for a CRM system and Pipedrive has nailed it!

Through the pipeline view it’s ridiculously easy to follow the progress of potential deals to won deals. You can add the stages that suit your work process in the settings section.

The timeline view let’s you see the situation from a month or quarter point of view. This makes staying on track of meeting sales targets super easy πŸ™‚

4. Analytics

After only a month of using Pipedrive we’re already seriously digging this part of the application. Select either the company as a whole or an individual sales person and the time range. Bling! You can see all the actions made in Pipedrive nicely illustrated in graphs.

You can also take a look at a live dashboard to see what’s going on right now πŸ™‚

Nobody’s perfect…

Like said, Pipedrive is great and closest to perfect that we have found. However, these are the things we wish would be developed further πŸ˜‰

Deal value vs payments

In the current version each deal has a value and when that deal is won, say in March, the whole deal value turns green and adds to March. In real cases, however, money usually comes in in parts. Yes, you can add a custom activity for the deal called “payment”, but it won’t change the amounts in the monthly/quarterly view.

Our suggestion: Add a view in which you can see how the payments are coming in. This would make following the monthly and quarterly targets in terms of incoming payments a lot easier πŸ™‚

No month/quarter view on mobile

What we love so much with the desktop version of Pipedrive is unfortunately not yet available on mobile. Namely, the monthly/quarterly view.

We are: eagerly waiting for this to be added.

Default view

A minor detail, but very easy to fix. When using Pipedrive for the few first times we found ourselves wondering why some of us couldn’t see all the deals. This turned out to be a very easy fix, we just had to select “all deals” from the menu on the right in stead of the default view that only shows you your own deals.

We suggest: Add a pop-up or a permanent instruction box guiding the user to notice the menu on the right πŸ˜‰

All in all, we are diggin’ Pipedrive a lot. Strongly recommend everybody looking for a great CRM system to give it a try…you will love it too!

Learn more:

Take a look at Pipedrive in more detail through this very informative video!

With <3 booncon PIXELS