Our Helsinki


Why Helsinki?

This is a question we hear a lot. Why did we come here? Why did we stay here? Why didn’t we leave when we had the chance?

We decided to take the opportunity and explain why we truly LOVE Helsinki! And, to step aside from all the touristy clichés such as the amazing nightless summer nights and rye bread, we decided to make it more personal. This is the collection of our crème de la crème of Helsinki.


From door to door

Helsinki has been burnt, bombed, and partially ruined by horrible architects. However, there are still quite a few amazing buildings and details left. So, every once in a while lift your head from your smartphone screen and take a look at what actually surrounds you!

You might come across these gorgeous doors:


6 020 hectares of pique-nique

One third of Helsinki’s area is parks. This means there is always room for a gigantic picnic party or a green spot for live music! Helsinki has altogether over 90 parks and they host many events during the summer. You can pick your favourite from different kinds of festivals, live performances, flea markets, organised park walks, art exhibitions, you name it.

The closest park to us is the Sinebrychoff park (better known as Koffari) and that’s where we often go on summer Fridays after work to enjoy the nice sunny weather and a few cold refreshments. Today we will try out a new summery drink, Hugo.

Koffari, Alppipuisto, Piilopuisto, Kaivari, Hesperian puisto, Tähtitorninvuori, Esplanadi, Juhani Ahon puisto, Laivastopuisto… discover your favorite!


If you thought bingo is for your grandparents, then you’d be right, unless you’re in Helsinki. Tucked away in a small bar you’ll find an eclectic mix of people dressed up to a theme, hunched over bingo cards anxiously and sporadically yelling ‘COWBOY!’.

Weekly dress-up themes, shots, dancing on tables to music and a free dinner for two up for grabs draws a decent crowd (almost) every Monday to play bingo.

The perfect way to cure your weekend hangover. Or start your week…

Find out where it’s hiding next week! Cowboy Bingo

Kulttuuri Sauna!

Hey folks, tired of your wonder sauna hot pants?

Then you should head over to Helsinki’s hip new sauna where a healthy dose of steam and baltic water will temper the most stressful of days.

Sauna is a big part of Finland and Helsinki and we too are in awe of this invention. Kulttuuri Sauna, however, offers something new to the table. Dreamed up by the Helsinki architecture-design duo Nene Tsuboi and Tuomas Toivonen, their contemporary sauna provides a beautiful spot for quiet introspection, or an invigorating swim in the baltic – just don’t forget to bring a suit!

Check out details

Start your day with a Boom!

Like most Finns, who on average consume 10 kg of coffee per year, we too enjoy our brew. And, we couldn’t be happier to have a great coffee place right next door. The Boom Room on Iso Roobertinkatu is the one we turn to when we need to wake up, stay awake through an all-nighter, or just have a nice break from looking at the computer screen all day long.

We also adore the coffee culture of Finland – if you need a quiet place for working, just go to one of the 540 cafes located within a 5km radius from the Helsinki Central Railway station. No one will come and disturb you during your coffee breaks, which, by the way, are also statutory in every single work place in Finland.

Off to enjoy our Friday afternoon coffee! – Addio!