New talent in da house

A vital part of a web design team is a companion with solid knowledge of different technologies and an endless motivation to making things work smoothly.

We were happy to have an amazing talent joining our team a few weeks back. With various experiences from back end developing, different technologies, an international perspective and an easy-going personality combined with a witty sense of humour, he was the perfect piece of a puzzle to become part of our team.

Meet Nur.

Photo Nur Sah Ketene

Hello, I am Nur Sah Ketene.

I hail from Turkey and have been living in Helsinki for the last 7 years. I am a father, a husband, a developer, and a coach.

I love developing web applications that make the lifes of people easier and I have always believed that we are the people who are building the future of this world. I want to make beautiful things that will last.

Stacking up experiences

I have been working as a DEVOPS engineer making use of the best practices and helping companies to have a more stable and trustworthy system as a result. The technologies and methodologies that I have been using were Jenkins, UnitTesting, dynamic languages like ruby, python, and version control systems.

As a developer I am interested in making great web applications. Applications like “Deveo”, or Sportsetter. I built them caring about the users. At the end of the day that is what a developer does. At Deveo I learned to care about the users and understand their pain. At Sportsetter I learned to care about different aspects of development, such as design, user-interaction and experience. I realized that if we wanted to have happy customers everything had to be at its best and that was my job.

During my career I have used many different technology stacks. I started with Continues Integration Tools, Testing, Ruby and Python. As I developed my self and changed responsibilities, I added entire stacks like Rails, AWS, PHP, JavaScript and so on.

Now, I am happy to use all of those skills at booncon PIXELS.

Paying it forward

Every single developer feels a sense of responsibility to make the world a better place through their craft. Some contribute to open source technologies, some will answer questions in stackoverflow. Some developers will develop amazing apps that help others to connect, share, and make our lives easier in general.

Mine is teaching. I think the best way for me to contribute to this world is to teach my craft to as many people as I can. That’s why I have started an organization with my friends to encourage people to use open source technologies and that is why I have been a coach at Rails Girls since 2011 and why I have been teaching at Haaga-Helia and Metropolia UAS.

I truly believe that the only way for humanity to go beyond its limitations is through universal literacy of programming languages as we have done with natural languages.

Joining booncon PIXELS

I have been working at booncon PIXELS for the last 2 months and I love it.

The first thing that impressed me about the company is the no “BULL SHIT” mentality. For instance our work contracts are 1 page long. When you work with people who you can trust you don’t need to have a booklet for a contract. It says a lot about the company and the people who work in it. We also have a line in our contract saying “must have humour”. How awesome is that!

At booncon PIXELS, we are building amazing things for our clients, pushing the boundaries and limitations of what is possible and finding out what makes a perfect user experience. Pushing the limit of our imagination and bringing something that even ourselves are profoundly surprised with.

Testing our limits requires us to have a constant open mind and a team of people who have different experiences in order to be better than what we are individually. In our team I have to say it is not very difficult. We are a truly multicultural group of highly curious people. My colleagues are from Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, Estonia, the U.S. and of course Finland. To be able to work in this kind of environment you have to have an open mind. And then, magic happens, everyday.

Office life

Going to our office doesn’t feel like going to work but rather it feels like going to my second home or more like going to a place where I would hang out with my friends and do something cool.

Here I get to spend a part of my working time on something that I am really passionate about, whatever it may be. There are a lot of companies promising the same or something similar to this but in reality you never have the time. There is always that one more thing that needs to be done before you end the week.

Sharing is caring

I feel that at booncon PIXELS I actually have the opportunity to pursue my passion. Sharing knowledge and skills is what I love and by sharing I push my friends to see that they can do what otherwise seems difficult. So I though it would be a nice environment to start Tech Fridays.

JavaScript Tech Friday
Teaching about JavaScript in the second Tech Friday session a few weeks back.

Tech Fridays is something that I have learned from my friend Tero Parvianen and I loved it. Tech Fridays is about showing others in the company how to use a tool, framework, language or simply something that you have discovered. I guess this mentality started to infect my friends here at booncon PIXELS as well. Our CEO Luki has also started preparing his own Tech Friday sessions 🙂

Overall, I have made a perfect decision to come and join these amazing people. I am looking forward to the years to come as we make this company the most amazing place to work and enjoy life while doing it.

You can follow my adventure in twitter 🙂

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