New development talent in the Pixels team

New development talent in the Pixels team

Turning smart design into pretty code requires a skilled, detail-oriented and determined talent. You need good developer skills but also understanding and a desire to learn more and more about design.

Filling these shoes isn’t easy.

Yet we found the right person. Happy to introduce our first ever female front end developer, Anh.

Meet Anh

Hi there! I’m Anh. I’ve been living in Finland for more than 7 years. I come from Saigon, the busiest city of Vietnam. I started my journey with the awesome friends at Pixels two months ago, as a front end developer.

The good memory

I still remember the very first day I came to Finland, for my first degree in Business Administration in Valkeakoski town. Trees around me. Squirrels everywhere. Only the sounds of birds and bees. I was 21 and I had never had so much quietness and free time in my life. Back then I baked my first orange cake and knitted my first scarf. In a couple of months, I read more books than I had in the previous three years. I thought it would be boring, but before I realised, I already learnt to appreciate it. The quietness calmed the reckless part of me down and encouraged me to step back and think. I spent four years in my first Bachelor degree, left school with a different mindset and a lot of hope.

The shady part

Without Finnish, I couldn’t find a job under my study field. Under financial pressure, I decided to accept a waitress job for the meanwhile. That while ended up being over a year. I worked around Helsinki, in day and night shifts, for different restaurants. Sometimes on the tram back home, at the end of a 10-hour working day, I asked myself: “Is this really all I can do? Is this what I want?”

I can do more. And I want more.

Ever since that question first popped up, it’s been hanging there, reminding me how uncomfortable I was and how much I wanted to bounce back. The turning point was when I started to learn Photoshop and design, simply thinking it could be beneficial for my resume. Soon after, I realised I really enjoyed it. “I love web design.” – This thought freaked me out – “Is it too late to change my career path, yet again?”

I didn’t think for long. I quit the full-time waitress job, applied for another Bachelor degree in IT, while self-studied to write my very first HTML code. I put in 200% of effort, because I knew I had a lot to learn and no time to hesitate. I knew I was a latecomer, but I believed in “better late than never”.

Then came the code…

I started with HTML and CSS. I loved to see the design come to its real self, with all the vibrant features. But I only became fully awared of what I’m passionate about when I started to write Javascript and C#. The logic was just so attractive to me. My favourite courses in school were Discrete Maths and Algorithm, which is packed with logic matchups. The best part was that they didn’t scare me, they excited me! From that moment, I knew I love to code, and definitely, I’m going to become a coder.

It’s been almost two years since I made that decision, and I’m writing more and more code everyday. Surprisingly, I’m thankful for my business background, as it helps me understand clients’ needs and decisions better. And from my perspective, coding is not much different from doing business: it all boils down to the efficiency.

… and Pixels

I’m happy to be a part of Pixels. From the moment I had the chance to talk with the team, I knew this was the dream team I wanted to be with. The last two months proved it. I have had all the challenges I need to grow as a professional coder, and more cool friends to laugh with. Beer for Friday is a plus. Wait, and all the crazy boardgames I’ve played the first time in my life. What else can be better? 🙂