A usual morning at booncon PIXELS :)

That morning I woke up without an alarm clock. The sun was shining on my bed and I could feel the energy supplies in my body were fully charged. After a refreshing shower and while listening to an inspiring podcast, I prepared my favourite breakfast. The morning was relaxed and I kept smiling, even when I was already walking the street towards the office.
Maybe because I knew I would have my morning tea there, with friends.

This was typical fall morning, when the sun shines into your face and you can’t see anything, but you are so happy to absorb this warmth with every single cell of your body, because you know that it’s not here forever. You are walking on the street bricks cheerfully, on the same bricks where Finnish soldiers were horseback riding. You never think why they fought for independence and then built this beautiful country. You are just listening your to favourite tracks on a new iPhone and wondering what the new day will bring along. Every day is about new challenges – big victories and small defeats. But every time, when you fall down, you can see so many hands willing to help you to get up. Every time you create something new, or solve an issue the whole world is thinking about, you feel pure bliss. But this feeling is not full, you need to add something small to it. Small but so important… ah, yes, just press the button “Share” and let the whole world know how to walk further.

You jump on a metro and think about people. You look at the faces and they are all different: some are happy, some are not. You understand that the guy across is working hard to feed his family and he doesn’t like his job. The girl on the other side is just happy, she is painting in her colouring book creating new visuals in her mind and making new concepts.

You start to think, are you happy?

Definitely yes, you are doing the things you like, and learning how to make them even better. Every day you see people with a fire of passion in their eyes, who are ready to follow your ideas in half-a-word, and already advising you how to realise them. If that’s not friendship, then what is it?

The metro ride is long, thus you start to think about home. Unintentionally, you compare your current job in Helsinki with the one in Ukraine. Everything is the quite same when you watch peoples’ faces in public transportation, but back home almost all of them are unhappy. Everyone earns money to survive. Not many of them think about new challenges, leadership or job progress. Everyone is concerned about the food they are going to eat, or if they skip lunch tomorrow, in order to pay public service payments. Therefore you often don’t see the sparkle in their eyes –  in stead you can guess their only thought: “OMG, work, again…”. For some reason, I don’t have such thoughts at booncon PIXELS.

Exciting as a rollercoaster ride

You are walking out of the metro. Walking in Kamppi. There’s a feeling in your chest, small anxiety, like you when going up on the roller coaster. You know that at some point you will go down, you can’t breathe then, and adrenaline will go beyond the limit. You are walking on Annankatu and the excitement increases: what I will face today, how difficult will it be, will I manage this? All this is so exciting! And I know that my friends will always help me.

I take my key. Come to the door thinking: “It’s like the first time here”. I open the door and take the step in…

“Hi all!”

“Hello!” – a choir of merry voices replies.

Tom, my team leader, appears behind the corner. “Hey Vladimir, we have something exciting to do today, you in?”.

“I’m in!” I answer smiling – and the enthralling adventure begins…

This blog post is a part of the series of posts our team wrote together during a BLOGATHON in August 2015. Through 10 posts you will meet 10 storytellers ranging from China to Italy and from Finland to New Zealand who make the office our second home.