Meet the new Pixels!


Finally, it’s time we reveal the transformation that has been happening behind the scenes here at Pixels for a while now. That’s right — Pixels, not booncon PIXELS. (That’s the first big news right there!) And we couldn’t be more excited!


As you may expect, we’ve gone through a lot of changes over the past few months. We’ve thought long and hard about our roots and the amazing team we have. As we’re mostly a team of designers and design enthusiasts we felt it’s time we move towards the direction of design a bit more. Don’t get us wrong, we’re still working most of the time with WordPress & WooCommerce and we’ll always have a digital focus in our work. But as we are dealing more and more with comprehensive projects and clients who need our strategic input, it’s natural we consider our services and focus to be more holistic and have design in the core of everything we do.


The only thing that’s constant is change

After all, quite a lot has changed: we moved from booncon PIXELS to just using Pixels, set up a totally new company (Pixels Helsinki Oy) and designed ourselves a new visual identity. So what sparked the change?

Firstly, we’ve always had trouble with our clients and partners differentiating between booncon and booncon PIXELS. Those always were two different companies with different services even though they were sister companies and both were founded by Lukas and Tobias. This wasn’t and isn’t clear to everyone still to this day (did you know about the two companies?) Psst… You can also read more about what booncon does.

We wanted to make the distinction clear — thus, we named ourselves Pixels.

Secondly, as Lukas wrote before, we had issues with the old company that didn’t allow us to implement a lot of the changes we wanted to do so we sat down and planned everything carefully together. That’s how the new Pixels was born.


Experience Design

We call ourselves an Experience Design Studio. But what does that really mean? Well, as we’ve been avid spokespeople for the importance of User and Customer Experience (UX & CX) for years now, it felt really natural to emphasise our focus in creating the best possible experiences.

After all, we live in a world built on human interaction — we should always aim to design captivating experiences. Experiences are what determine how we conceive brands, services and products.

We’re adamant on building extraordinary experiences for our clients’ customers and users.


The team

If you know anything about us, chances are you’re familiar with our team and story. Our colourful background with two Italians setting up a company (booncon) in Helsinki 5 years ago was also noted by Helsingin Sanomat. The guys built an extraordinary culture and “working with friends” is a philosophy we’ll be following still with the new company first and foremost. Although, this time around, the ship will be steered by Thomas and myself.

Our international, multidisciplinary team currently has 7 companions: Alenka, Anh, Janni, Mark, Vladimir, Thomas and yours truly (Antero). We’ve got 5 nationalities, 10 spoken languages and backgrounds varying from architecture, different disciplines of design and IT to management consulting and marketing – all sitting right here in the heart of Helsinki.

The new Pixels will also emphasise on doing things internally together a lot more than before. We’ve planned and made all major decisions together, founded the company together and will try to be even more transparent about everything than before to each other.

We hope this culture extends to our clients and shows in the way we work with you.


What’s next?

A lot is still happening behind the curtains; we’re working on a more extensive version of our website, planning new workshops and services, and obviously we’re hard at work with some new exciting projects. (Did you notice our latest project yet? Viestintätoimisto Drum’s new website was just launched last week!)

We’ve always been quite design focused but perhaps not too vocal about it – until now. Whilst most of our clients and partners know our strengths and abilities quite well, not everyone always thinks about us immediately when they need design work done. Hopefully, you’ll contact us the next time you need branding, concepting or have a problem that needs solving.

Thanks a lot for reading & sharing the word. If you have any questions or just want to chat, shoot us a message or just drop by for coffee. 🙂