Lunch L-O-V-E


It’s the perfect thing in the middle of every single workday. It gives us energy, lets our brains cool off, and gives our body an opportunity to step away from all the screens. It’s when we share our stories, tell funny jokes, and, of course, rate the food.

We call it lunch.

From Nepal to Mexico

We are by no means an easy lunch audience nor are we ridiculously picky – we are acute. We enjoy a wide array of different flavours and tastes from all over the world.

A solid mountain

Already a classic on our list, Annapurna on Fredrikinkatu 23 never lets you down!

Be prepared to have your tongue romanced by fresh Nepalese flavours. For lunch you can usually choose between 6 different dishes including beef, chicken and vegetarian choices, and the 6th one is the best: you can combine any two of the first five entries 😉

The best Naan bread in Helsinki!

Middle Eastern takeover

Guaranteed satisfaction.

It probably goes without saying that the highly popular Fafa’s is also on our list of recommendations. Smooth and tasty hummus, savoury falafel, and pita bread made by Fafa’s own bakery.

Price of popularity – prepare to wait for your food.


Craving for meat? This is your heaven.

A few minutes walk from our office, on Iso Roobertinkatu 13 you’ll find a heavier lunch choice. Beefy Queen – and the name tells it all. The Queen’s reputation for serving the best beef dishes for lunch in Helsinki might well be true. At least you’ll never leave this place hungry.

Not recommended for vegetarians 😉

My sweet coriander…

“A classic since 1996” – this is how the coriander wok dish is described in their menu.

Since classic refers to something with a timeless quality, we couldn’t agree more. Check out Bar 9 on Uudenmaankatu 9 and try out both the chicken and vegetarian versions of this famous wok. We also recommend trying out their Tom Yam Gung and Fisu.

Here you can also practice your chop stick skills

Summertime indulgence

By the sea.

Every now and then it’s nice to enjoy Helsinki’s seaside location. In the summer we walk down to Mattolaituri to get our fix. If your looking for a fresh sea breeze to go together with a fresh salad, this is your spot. Our favourite is the crab & Manchego salad.

Best lunch view.

¿Güey cómo estás?

¡Amigos and amigas get ready for some filling, delicious and truly Mexican comida!

Up on Lönnrotinkatu 9 you can bump into a crowd of people lining up to get their dose of Tortillas, Tacos, Burritos and Enchilladas with a dressing of your choice. The place they are lining up for is Cholo. Our favourite combos are: chicken burrito with habanero or chili chipotle and the veggie burrito with spicy habanero. NOTE! Cholo is closed on Mondays and Sundays.

No hace falta viajar para conocer rica y auténtica comida mexicana.

Mamma mia, mi viene l’acquolina in bocca!

Italy’s gift to the world – food.

This cuisine is tricky. You can find an Italian restaurant everywhere and anyone can cook Italian, nope. It is actually extremely difficult to find a genuinely great restaurant serving excellent Italian dishes. In addition, to spot the great ones you a need a local expert, we have two of them.

Mille Mozzarelle

Delicious looking plates.

Putting together a delectable lunch plate is what the young Italian team in Mille Mozzarelle does best. It is possible to choose one of many different main dishes (ranging from sandwiches to Lasagne) and they will enrich your order with a fresh salad and some tasty side dishes. Sometimes they might even include some delicious Italian cheese or another special Italian delicacy.

Looks and tastes divine.

Looking for a great lunch combo?

Head to Kalevankatu 6, Helsinki.

Putte’s Pizza offers a nice combination of salad and pizza/soup for lunch Mon-Fri. The salad here is hands down the best salad buffet we have discovered so far! And the pizzas are yummy!

Worth the 15min walk from our office – every time!

Near perfect pizza

Pizza is a tough one – you can fail in so many ways.

Nerone on Pursimiehenkatu 27 nails it! They offer varying and delicious pizzas everyday. If you chip in a few extra euros, you get to enjoy additional toppings like buffalo mozzarella (the real deal).

Piatto prelibato!

Good food = good feeling

This is our version of the famous Finnish commercial “Hyvä ruoka, parempi mieli” and it’s true. Later on we will share our favourites for dinner. Until then…

Bon appetit!

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