Autopsy of a website project: Invest in saving money

Why did we write this?

Website projects are the core of our team’s everyday life. They are not, however, the everyday life of our cooperation partners and clients. This got us thinking. We need to do a better job in explaining what a website project actually includes and aims to achieve.

This is the first part of a new boonconic blog series called “Autopsy of a website project”, through which we explain the why’s and how’s of our webdesign projects. We want to shed light on the technological and creative aspects of website projects and open up the business side by explaining what the differences in a 2 000 Euro and a 20 000 Euro website projects really are.

Let us start with business.

2 000 vs 20 000 EUR

Often the argument used to explain staggering price differences in website projects is “higher quality” of the end-product – to us that is not enough.

For us the differences in prices are to a great part explained with these two points:

1. Save time, save money

Captain Obvious would agree.

Aligned with the second part of our slogan; Pretty code. Smart design., through clever design a lot of money can be saved.

Example case A – Content management, the forgotten area, where user friendliness turns into Euros.

Clear structure and automated tasks on the content management system (CMS) reduces the time our clients spend updating content, approving changes and sending out information. In a current client case we are aiming at saving 15 minutes a day. That doesn’t sound much, does it?

That 15 minutes is different, though, when you do some easy math with it:

In 1 week = 5 * 15 minutes = 45 minutes
In 1 month = 4 * 45 minutes = 3 hours
In 6 months = 6 * 3 hours = 18 hours = 2,25 workdays
In 1 year = 2 * 18 hours = 36 hours = 4,5 workdays

Say the content manager’s salary is 2 800 Euros a month. This means that by saving 15 minutes everyday, you are actually saving 630 Euros a year. In the case of not having the luxury of a separate Content Manager, but having the Marketing Manager or CEO handling also content issues, the time saved plays an even bigger role.

Our team is also crafting solutions for a kick-ass social media integration automating a dozen other things – with these smart design solutions we are aiming at saving 1 hour a week of our client’s time – that’s 4 200 Euros in a year.

Example case B – outsourced project management.

When working together with a webdesign team, you are not only outsourcing the design and creation of your website. You are also outsourcing the project management, which, by the way, is a full time job.

Let’s say the project manager’s salary is 3 000 Euros / month. During a 3-month website project you can save 9 000 Euros.

2. Invest more, gain more.

Again, we are pleasing Captain Obvious.

The difference between 2 000 and 20 000 Euro website projects is also the size of the project team whose skills you get to benefit from. With a larger budget you can have a whole team figuring out the best solutions for you, whereas going for the cheaper option leaves you with 1/2 of a person.

Example case A – understanding the technological, visual, communication and business side of things.

In a recent client project, the aim was to have clearer calls to action (CTA) on the frontpage to drive sales up. The first mockups of our front-end designer received feedback from our entire team: 2 graphic designers, 2 business professionals, 1 communications expert, 1 industrial designer, and 1 interface designer. The mockup was refined several times already before taking it to our client for commenting.

Example case B – combining different skills and perspectives of an international team.

Our international team has native speakers of 6 different languages. This is a vital asset in many multilingual websites as we can make sure the final content on the website sounds appealing to the Finnish, English, German, Estonian, Malay and Italian natives and takes into consideration different cultural aspects. What works for Americans doesn’t necessarily work for a Finnish or Singaporean audience, even if grammatically correct.

Stitch it up

The reason website project prices can vary a lot comes down to the time spent creating solutions that will save time in the future and getting the most out of a multi-talented and international team working on the project.

The example figures mentioned in this post can be summarised to this: by investing 20 000 Euros on a website project, you could actually save 13 830 Euros (= 630€ + 4 200€ + 9 000€). In addition to this, a smart website can improve your business in the form of increased sales or more warm leads.

For more information on why websites matter, read our blog post on the subject.

In the next episode of this blog series we take a closer look on the first part of our slogan; Pretty code. Smart design., by explaining e.g. the meaning of economical coding.


Illustration by our graphic genious, Mark.

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