Heatwave & working: 5 tips to make the combo rock!

Heatwave & working: 5 tips to make the combo rock!

So, the Finnish heatwave (this means +20 Celsius or more) is here and you’re working. Don’t get depressed in your hot office but follow these 5 tips to make the most out of working in the sunny, warm weather.

Tip 1: Work outside

If you’re not working on design or detailed stuff that requires you to see your screen pixel perfect, go outside!

Perfect tasks to tackle outside are internal meetings, writing blog posts (like this one), reading articles, filling out Excel sheets, going through client feedback, all planning and ideating 🙂

Essentials to take with you:

  • blanket to sit on (benches are limited)
  • sun screen (protect your skin)
  • sun glasses (protect your eyes)
  • water (stay hydrated)
  • backup battery for your phone (you might want to use the internet via your phone)

Oh, and don’t worry about eating – in Helsinki you can get food delivered also to a park from Wolt and Foodora. And for a break, play a round of Mölkky with your team 🙂

Antero killing it at our team day Mölkky tournament.

Tip 2: Play some tropical tunes

Music has a huge impact on your mood and when you’re mood is positive, you tend to get more sh*t done.

“…modern studies would argue that it perhaps isn’t the background noise of the music itself, but rather the improved mood that your favourite music creates that is the source of this bump in productivity.”

More about the effects of music from this FastCompany article.

In order to get productive and still feel the summery vibes, check out our chill Helsinki Heat playlist on Spotify.

Tip 3: Have delicious breaks

Summer is the perfect excuse to step out of the office for an ice cream break, for a lunch on a terrace, or for some nice after work drinks with a view.

A few terraces to check out in the centre of Helsinki:

Views from Torni are spectacular.

By the seaside:

  • Elmun baari (lunch from the 8th of Aug onwards, after work drinks)
  • Birgitta (lunch, after work drinks)
  • Löyly (lunch, after work drinks and sauna)

Team break with ice cream in Ruttopuisto.

Tip 4: DIY iced tea

Cheer up your workday with this refreshing self-made iced tea.

Recipe (1 litre of iced tea):

  • 5 dl of hot water
  • 2 tea bags of your choice (we highly recommend the Clipper teas)
  • 1 table spoon of honey
  • 5dl of cold water
  • frozen berries / fruit of your choice
  • mint leaves

Let the tea and honey steep in hot water for about 10min before adding the cold water. Leave the drink to cool off in a fridge for 3-4 hours. Add the frozen berries / fruits and the mint right before serving.

We tested out raspberry tea with frozen raspberries and lemon / ginger tea with frozen mangos – review: DELICIOUS.

Tip 5: Work less

Take a critical look at your to-do list and prioritise with precision. This is the time to balance out those long days from the busy times earlier and again ahead of you in the fall.

Leave the office earlier to catch that energising vitamin D and allow yourself to enjoy the sunny weather. In Finland you never know if today is actually the last day of summer and you’ll need all the energy you can get for those dark winter months.

Off you go now, enjoy the sun 🙂


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