Get Slippry

Today we are launching the first version of our Slippry slider! The slider is completely free and available from the Slippry website. You’re possibly wondering why we are making ANOTHER slider, well as they say: “read on my friend”.

It seems like every website these days has a slider (or three), and with good reason. Sliders are a great way to present your content, whether it be images or inline HTML content, in an interactive and user-engaging way.

Since not all of us can just code a slider, we resort to plugins. Luckily many awesome people and companies have created sliders and made them available to the world.

Some of these are free (with an optional donation) or paid. In our experience we haven’t come across paid sliders that do things free slider can’t do, or can’t do without some tinkering!

So why make our own?

All of our past, and current projects have a slider at some point. When it comes to the free sliders, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. Instead of using the same slider, we choose on a per project basis what is available vs what we need to achieve.

This was going great until we noticed some warnings appearing in our browser that a function being used was deprecated and due to be removed in the not-too-distant future.

In plain English: one day it was going to go spastic.

Living in the land of pre-emption, we decided to kick this problem before it kicked us.

Why not just get a different one?

We did have a look around for sliders and found some pretty good ones, but we have some specific designs that we needed to be able to create with the slider. In the end we thought, why not take the time we would spend integrating a new slider and making sure things work and just make our own?

We also found a lack of responsive sliders that had some more advanced features. On our booncon PIXELS projects page we have some complicated jQuery at work, and so we need to be able to hook into the slider.

As we developed our slider more we realised we should future-proof this as much as we can, to be usable in our future projects. We looked at other sliders for inspiration on vital features as well as features offered that we didn’t see necessary.

Welcome Slippry!

Why Slippry?

Each slider certainly has its pros and cons, but with Slippry we’ve tried to reduce the cons and bump up the pros.

It’s responsive. Seriously, move that window and watch it move!

It’s new. We’ve scoured the web for the latest methods and tricks to make Slippry as cutting-edge as possible.

It’s got options. Change the wrapper, insert captions into any element and make things happen before, after and during transitions

CSS & jQuery. Use less CPU power with the latest CSS transitions while falling back to jQuery to stay compatible with older browsers.

It’s tested. Worried about something that’s so new? Well we can’t promise it’s perfect, but we’ve rolled it out across all our projects, in very different configurations, and so far it’s working great!

No more onWindowResize. Using this intrinsic ratio trick from Thierry Koblentz from A List Apart the responsiveness relies on pure css when resizing. No more constant script queries!

Give Slippry a go on your next project, and let us know how you go!