Designing the coolest piece of visual content or building an information system with astounding features – sounds pretty amazing, right? That’s what we do, only together with friends 😉 

We believe in a new way of working, where a work environment stands for more than just work . This is because for us, the place where we spend the majority of our days, and maybe even lives, really utterly matters. Moreover, success is often said to form from having the right people in the right places; we see that working with your friends is in the core of this idea.

a crew with different skills

Another characteristic of booncon is to look at things from several perspectives. This is why all of us have different abilities and backgrounds. Want to meet our German speaking Italian operations director with a business degree? Know more about our developer who studied in Tampere University and speaks Urdu? Or, maybe learn what our UI designer from New Zealand thinks about the newest technologies? 

over and out.

Getting close to the final words of this entry it’s time to wrap it up: we believe in the power of friends and a friendly working environment. If you share our beliefs, we should probably meet up! You’ll find us on Iso Roobertinkatu, Helsinki (we are now located on Annankatu 25, Helsinki).


P.S. It’s Friday afternoon and we love to play cards 🙂