Falling in love with a creative process

Falling in love with a creative process

Hi, I’m Alenka and I’m a girl who fell in love with a creative process. 🙂 I come from Slovenia and my official education is in architecture. After finishing my master’s thesis at Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana I’ve been working in different design fields: architecture, illustration and graphic design. Currently I’m working with amazingly talented people at Pixel and learning about branding, web design, coding and animation. These first two months have been a blast and I feel like a sponge absorbing huge amounts of interesting new things. I hope my head doesn’t explode. 🙂

Creative process

During my work in different design fields I’ve realised that no matter what kind of a project I’m working on, whether it’s a small logo or a huge building project, the creative process is very similar. I think studying architecture gave me a strong basis on how to approach a project. And lately I’ve realised that no matter what I’m working on – I just love the creative process!

The creative process – my love story – usually starts with understanding the brief and dissecting it into small pieces. Whether that’s an architectural competition brief with huge amounts of data or an illustration brief with only a couple of sentences, a well defined brief is of crucial importance for a well executed project. What follows is the research and the hunt for good examples. That already makes my creative juices flowing and makes me excited about creating something awesome!


The most exciting (and sometimes frustrating) part of the creative process is coming up with the concept of the project. The concept is the idea behind the project, the line which leads you through your work process and keeps you on track. Figuring out the concept is like connecting randomly placed dots in to a clear picture. It involves a lot of abstract thinking and sketching. A good concept / idea / story behind a project is “that something more”, the added value, the spark of the project. The search for that spark is what makes us designers going! And when I finally find that perfect concept which suddenly connects the whole thinking process and makes perfect sense – I smile and burst from excitement! I am in love. 🙂

Work hard, play hard

Only after finding a good concept comes the hard work. Sketching, drawing, choosing colours, sketching some more, choosing materials, textures. Doubting everything. Sketching some more. Drawing. Drawing. Drawing. And finally being happy with the outcome. In my work I always try to follow the well known rules of the Roman author and architect Vitruvius, who said that

…every design should exhibit the three qualities of firmitas, utilitas, venustas

– that is, it must be solid, useful and beautiful. So no matter what the size or type of the project is, I always try to take care of the structure first, then usability and after that the aesthetics.

Letting it go

After I finish a project I’m usually super happy but also a bit sad to let it go. How will it do in the big wild world? Will it survive? Will the users be happy? Will the carefully planned light in the school building fill students with energy? Will the illustration in children’s museum’s guide explain things properly? Will the appealing café’s visual identity make people on the street peek inside?

But I’m never sad for too long, there’s always a new project on the horizon. And I start falling in love again. And again. 🙂

You can check my work here, here and here.


If you need a hand with your graphic guidelines, brand elements or need something illustrated – get in touch! We’ll get back to you shortly 🙂


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