Eventful Helsinki

Helsinki offers a lot of interesting events for business people.

During the last two weeks our crew visited 4 such events. 1) Sales Morning @ Wanha Satama, 2) SOLITA Frontline Summit @ Telakka, 3) Verkkomarkkinointi & Verkkokauppa 2014 @ Messukeskus, and 4) Digitalist Web Forum 2014 @ Musiikkitalo.

Information overflow

All these events were related to the same topics: sales, B2B, B2C, marketing, buying behaviour, mobile design, digital development, customer experience, analytics, data, design, and companies worth benchmarking.

To wrap it up and somehow control the vast amount of new and old info poured over us, I threw together a word cloud illustration:

event notes design experience finavia nike solita beta ibm

This picture tries to gather together all the emphasised themes, benchmarked companies and shared quotes. All in all, it seems that the hot topics of the moment are:

Mobile – how to excel in the mobile world
Is your online customer experience as great in mobile as it is in desktop devices? Are you providing your customers with something transcendent? Mobile requires you to really think about the essential content you wish to show.

Customer centered thinking – the customer experience
Are you really thinking about your customer when creating new services? Bare in mind that customers most often wont spend time looking for info on your site or patiently waiting for a page to load, as also reported in a study about the Psychology of Web Performance. .

Data – utilise it in the right way
Do you base your decisions on knowledge you can get from different data, or do you go with a gut feeling? You should go with knowledge, not guesses. However, data is not everything. Don’t stare at reports from last months, you are already too late to react to them. Instead, test, check, develop and improve constantly – and – always be on BETA!

Changes in B2B selling – buyers approach suppliers
Your potential clients might use up to 15 different sources of information before you even know they might be interested in your services*. Are you there where your customers are looking for that info? Additionally, do you know what others are saying about you? Recommendations are golden.

*As reported at the Sales Morning Event.

Grades for the events

Going from one event to another can be quite exhausting, but it also shows how well the events have been organised.

events helsinki sales marketing morning solita

1. Sales Morning – 7/10
Points for good speeches, which however overlapped quite a bit with each other. Points for arranging a morning event, which allows you to still get your day’s work done afterwards. Not good, having the event sharing a location with another event with lots of people, as this made the coat check very crowded. (picture 1.)

2. SOLITA Frontline Summit – 8/10
Points for a very nice location and atmosphere, good food and a nice set of speeches and presentations from a wide range of experts. However, some of the presentations droned on and on about the same topics – that’s just tiring! Keep it short and sweet 🙂 (picture 2.)

3. Verkkomarkkinointi ja verkkokauppa 2014 – 6/10
Points for having room for so many presentors. However, the space was slightly disorienting because of its confusing arrangement, and was not easy to know where particular companies would be. Also, Messukeskus has proven to be a fairly challenging space to make inviting. This event proved no exception.

4. Digitalist Web Forum – 9/10
Points for the awesome location, Musiikkitalo, and a very interesting set of speeches and presentations. However, some of the speeches were on the verge of being too propagandaish, in a bad way. (picture 3.)

Stay tuned in on what’s happening in Helsinki:

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Bis bald! Next time we’ll be writing from a totally different location 😉

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