Design + business = a killer combo

Design + business = a killer combo

This moment feels magical.

What started a little over 4 years ago has now grown to a team of more than 10 companions. The newest addition to our adventure brings to the table business knowledge and a degree in graphic design, a combo to kill for.

This addition also brings more girl power and Finnish sarcasm to our team. We’re excited to continue our journey with her!

Meet Janni

Hello! I’m Janni, booncon PIXELS’ new graphic designer, and I hopped into this energetic team about a month ago. So far it’s been a couple of rather intensive (read crazy) working weeks but at the same time lots of fun and getting to know awesome people.

Turning my hobby into my job

So as the heading suggests, my background is in both design and business. After first studying business I begun to miss a bit more creative, visual and concrete ways of working: everything I did as a hobby or for fun: drawing, helping friends with their photos, designing their event invitations and so on. So, I decided to apply to an arts school to study graphic design, which was just what I was missing. There has been many discussions weather turning your hobby into a job is a good idea or not but I opt for the first one as do many career coaches according to Forbes, for example. I am truly interested in these things and follow the visual discussions on my free-time anyway, so I might as well put that passion and learning into a good use during my professional hours as well.

Looking back, however, I don’t regret the first years I spent in a business school. Instead it ended up being a super good addition to my design studies. As a whole, I have managed to take advantage of Aalto University’s multidisciplinary course offering and combined the best parts of both schools, so to say. I love when I can work on something where I actually see the end result, like a website design, but at the same time I guess I’ll always have that little business person in me who says it’s not (only) my artistic canvas for self-expression but rather a communication channel for brands. That has helped me to better understand and deliver what customers want.


Working with friends

The booncon PIXELS’ slogan “Working with friends” felt appealing to me and was one of the reasons I wanted to apply here. I have this mentality that if I’m going to spend a third of my life at work, I want to enjoy it. Also when you passionately work on something you love, it doesn’t even feel like work (usually) and I feel there is some passion and enthusiasm in the air here. PIXELS has a great working atmosphere which also encourages learning and that’s what I like. For the past two years I’ve worked as a freelancer or done distance work from home so having a team around me now is really what I’ve been missing. I love how I can also learn from the others every day, no matter if they are designers, coders or marketers.

For the last part I have to quote Jinyi (our UX designer) who said in her welcome blog that she wanted to work somewhere she doesn’t have to wear a suit. Same goes for me. So I love this relaxed and free office dress code. Plus, as Nur (our back-end developer) pointed out, I have many hats. I like them and they wouldn’t go well with a suit, so, a creative office is a perfect match for me also because of this.

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