booncon – A new year, a new dawn!

South harbour Helsinki

Hello world.

As some of our dear readers might have figured out, not much content here is coming from booncon.

Yes, booncon as in booncon PIXELS 🙂
And with not much content we mean no content at all, that is why it’s time for a “Hello world.” post.

We are aware of the fact that our company structure is at least a little bit confusing, perhaps even to some of us. It is about time to explain what booncon is and how it connects to everything we do. A lot has changed since we started booncon as a few friends from a mountainy village in the middle of the Alps.

Our dream was to create a company that encourages creativity, being bold and most of all connects curious people who like to spend time with each other.
We did not like the way work was and wanted to create something better. Now three years later we can proudly say: We are working with (more new) friends!

As we decided not to go down the road of hunting for investors, a lot of the things we always wanted to do take longer, others however have happened a lot quicker.
The last couple of years we focused on building a reliable source of income, in other words booncon PIXELS.
Not coming from Finland there were a lot of challenges involved but with the help of our international clients and hiring the right people we managed to make a stand here in Helsinki.

It’s time to roll!

We can finally launch the long overdue, next phase of booncon and this year is going to bring a lot of awesomeness.
booncon is the ideology behind the way we work and we finally want to explain what that really means.

Today is the beginning of us sharing our vision, talking about what drives us and why that will be interesting to you!

The masterplan.

We will launch a new website for booncon, explaining a little more about ourselves, write more on this blog and also start a podcast.

Some of the topics we want to talk about are the struggles involved in starting a company in Europe and a lot of the tricks we have learned doing so. We also want to talk about work in general and how we see established organisations learning from startups and vice-versa.

Be prepared for a mix of interesting philosophical talks and tidbits of tangible information easily digestible at any time.
Of course we are also always open to suggestions, let us know what you want us to talk about!

We promise to share some unique insights due to our special points of view, stay tuned and check back soon to find out more!

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booncon is about how to enjoy your work.

Working with friends.