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by Leeni & Antero a Padawan and Stormtrooper on a joint mission – special thanks to Alex. More about us here!

Our line of work is largely project based. When planned and carried out well, projects can be a joyride lasting up to 6 months or longer. However, in some cases the ride can actually be anything but joyful.

After 2,5 years of projects, it seems that both us and our clients keep facing the same annoying issues.

We decided it’s time to create better project experiences – for both parties.

To be improved

Looking at what usually causes problems in our projects, we identified a few factors that kept re-appearing:

  • GOALS – unclear for the client or re-formulated during the project causing confusion, extra-work for both parties and usually a delay in the project

  • PEOPLE – the client never met the whole team working on their project increasing the risk for miscommunication and confusion

  • PRE-PROJECT INFORMATION – not enough information shared before starting the project, making the client feel overwhelmed about the project and making us face a list of surprises during the project

  • SCHEDULE & RESOURCES – due to lack of information the schedule and needed resources on both sides were exposed to changes and surprises

  • WISHLIST – new, major ideas popping up during the project, which could have been discussed much earlier, causing changes in the schedule and resources needed from both parties

Looking at our list it was clear: we need better communication and more information before even starting a project.

The idea of a kickoff workshop was born.

Kicking off how?

In practice, our kickoff workshop is:

A face-to-face meeting, where we identify our client’s current situation, goals, and what needs to be done so we together can get from where the client is now, to where they would like to be.

Before meeting up, we hope our clients would consider their goals, their timeline and resources, and their target audience. Based on this information we will have a brief pre-analysis of the project prepared for the workshop.

In the workshop we get to not only meet the project teams on both sides, but also dig deeper. Together, we will analyse, brainstorm, evaluate, and reflect on the project until we tease out a list of what to keep, ditch, improve, and add.

After the session our client will get a workshop summary, an action plan, and a detailed project offer — all valuable information needed to make an informed decision about the project investment.

The why

By having a workshop we make sure all essential information has been worked through, and also give both parties the possibility to see what working together would be like.

We don’t want our clients to dive into projects head first. Instead, they should feel confident that the project is the right solution for their company. This workshop is a perfect, no-risk way to understand the scope of the project before making the decision to jump in.

Contact us for more information about the workshop and how it could help you 🙂

Cheerio, happy Friday !!

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